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Top Dads on Twitter
As part our goal of becoming the #1 tutoring resource in America for teachers and parents, we are identifying 500 of the top twitter accounts for U.S. Teachers. Over the next 50 weeks, we will list 10 great accounts for each of the 50 states. (Check out our list of U.S. teachers who tutor. We are always looking to register K-12 teachers who tutor!)

Check out our top 365 accounts for education & Top U.S. Educators on Twitter!

As we try to connect with US educators as parents, we will continue identifying top accounts for teachers and parents. The accounts are ranked in the following order: educator of the week, teacher union accounts, PTA accounts, accounts with guest blogs, followers, and non-followers. Within each category, we list the accounts by the number of followers.
Socially Connected Moms!
Current list of top teachers using social media by state!

Top Father’s Day Jokes & Top 10 Father’s Day Quotes

California Dads

  1. @mrdad (54.7K followers) Nobody Knows Dads Like Mr. Dad.#Father, blogger, author, columnist, radio host, #Marine, spokesperson, #dad guru–& still learning from my kids every day. California ·

Florida Dads

  1. @DadBlogsAbout (17.7K followers) Life, family, entertainment, sports, travel & more. #LatinoBlogger, #MiamiBlogger, & brand #Ambassador. On FB at #DadBlogsAbout #SAHD Miami, Florida

Oklahoma Dads

  1. @Dadblunders (3.5 K followers)  I am a stay-at-home dad that tries to survive the antics of his son. I do the best I can living in Xander’s World! Facebook Lawton, Oklahoma

Texas Dads

  1. @adaddyblog (30.5K followers) Dallas Fort Worth Dad. Lucky hubby to @MilkandCuddles. Director University Analytics. Lifestyle blogger. Passionate about family travel.#DisneySMMC Austin 2015. Dallas, Texas, USA ·
  2. @twindadjoe (4.6K followers) Dad: 2 boys & twin girls. Author: Dad’s Guide to Twins & Dad’s Guide to Raising Twins. Maker of awesome twin t-shirts: Austin, TX

Utah Dads

  1. @BruceSallan (58.3,K followers) Dad, writer, radio host, founder of #DadChat (Thursdays 6-7pm, PT). My books are on Amazon, iTunes, my website. FB Page: . Park City, UT Dad of the Month!