My Town Tutors is making a huge commitment for the 2014 2015 school year to be the #1 tutoring resource for parents and teachers in America. Our motto is “Teachers are great tutors!” Parents love the fact that every teacher in our directory is a teacher!
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Google Analytics is the #1 resource for analyzing your website’s traffic.
We started using Google Analytics in 2011, so we could evaluate our marketing strategy. Below is some information that we are currently using to help increase revenue and traffic to our site. We hope you can use it to help your business too!
We will update the information each month.
1. Number of visits: This is very important because a company needs to know how many people are actually visiting a website. We are pleased with our progress attracting visitors to our site and hope to make even more improvements in the upcoming months.
2015 (January – March) 115,000 page views.
2014: 369,370 Visits
2013: 163,267 Visits
2012: 32,589 Visits
2011 (October – December): 1,351 visits
Analysis: We are improving with organic searches and we are increasing traffic each year. The value of our pages allows us to create sponsor opportunities for companies looking to connect with our targeted audience

2. Top Page Views: A company also wants to know what people are doing on a site. What are the most popular pages? With this information, a company can analyze what makes pages popular, determine how people are arriving at these pages, adjust web design, and evaluate marketing based on the results.
Our Top Pages are Find a Tutor and Become A Tutor. Below is the list of the next 10 most viewed pages for 2014. There are several pages that are looking for a sponsor.

  1. Christmas Trivia: Christmas Trivia Answers: (Sponsored by IPracticeMath)
  2. Guest Blog PageCurrently looking for a sponsor.
  3. 101 Pi Day Jokes(Sponsored by IPracticeMath)
  4. Psychology Lesson: How Bad Do You Want It?: (Sponsored by the Pensters)
  5. Jimmy V Quotes: Top 25 Jim Valvano Quotes: Currently looking for a sponsor. (Page 1: Google search “Jimmy Valvano Quotes” and “Jimmy V Quotes.”)
  6. 180 School Jokes! Start Your Day with a Smile!(Sponsored by Exam Elf)
  7. Grandparents Day: 101 Quotes for Grandparents: Currently looking for a sponsor. (Page 1: Google search “Grandparents Day Quotes.”)
  8. Teaching Psychology LessonsCurrently looking for a sponsor.
  9. College BlogsCurrently looking for a sponsor.
  10. Coaching Youth BasketballCurrently looking for a sponsor.

Analysis: By improving our organic searches, we are able to create consistent and reliable advertising revenue that helps us reach our goal of being the #1 tutoring resource for teacher who tutor.
3. Location of Visitors: We are a national directory of teachers who tutor. We are looking to expand nationally, but right now we are targeting Massachusetts (@mytowntutorsMA). Google Analytics provides a great map with darker colors representing the most visits. There also is a numerical listing of the visits. Our top 3 states are Massachusetts, California, and New York.
We can even analyze more closely by clicking on the state to see what towns are visiting the most.
4. Real time: This is a very helpful tool that allows a company to see the current page views, locations, traffic sources, content, events, and conversions. This will be very helpful on March 14 as we analyze our Pi Day Marketing Campaign which includes:
101 Pi Day Jokes for Math Teachers
Pi Day Lessons: 31 Pi Day Ideas & Activities
Top 15 Pi Day Websites for Teachers
The Pi Day Challenge: Are you Ready?
Comparisons: One of the best tools is to see how your website activity is doing compared to previous time periods.