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365 SEO Tips for Small Business

The following is an interview with the CEO of the company highlighted on the Massachusetts Social Media Makeover. We will be asking additional questions in the future.

1. Prior to connecting with My Town Tutors, what was your experience with Social Media Marketing?

ZERO, zilch, nada. I have been an avid Facebook and Twitter user since their inception but have never had any marketing experience with them.

2. Before completing the makeover, evaluate the success of your twitter campaign. Were you seeing much traffic, did you have a healthy followers to following ratio, were you happy with the results?

The success of our twitter campaign has been limited, to put it kindly. We have had 2 users enter their email on our site citing twitter as their reference so I think it is safe to say that we were not seeing much traffic due to our twitter presence. On top of all of that, we followed over 1200 people but only 200 or so followed us back.

3. Twitter is all about connections. Through twitter you connected with My Town Tutors and eventually wrote a guest blog. Were you surprised when they approached you about being part of a Miracle Makeover?

Very! My Town Tutors was very friendly and professional when they approached us. They only seemed to have our best interest in mind so we figured, “hey, why not?”   When it comes to twitter, we know only as much as we have taught ourselves, we feel we have a lot more to learn, and we think this is a great place to start!

4. My Town Tutors encouraged you to do some interesting things with social media, like unfollow all your accounts. What was your reaction to this unorthodox approach?

Confused and reluctant. We unfollowed over 1000 people somewhat begrudgingly but realized at the same time that it was probably good for the us to cut off some fat.

5. Have you ever thought of a “mission tweet” and do you think it will help spread your message?

Yes, I believe we have done one or two of those but they are probably buried so far in our history even google can’t find them.  I definitely think it would help spread the message and will write one up this week!
6. What are your thoughts on less is more? After you unfollowed everyone, you were encouraged to follow only 10 new accounts per week. Did this force you to think differently about your twitter philosophy?
Absolutely. Being forced to think about quality over quantity makes picking who you connect with a much more mindful task.