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Mathtoons and My Practi are participating in our Summer Social Media Makeover Miracle. We will be working with these companies to increase their influence on twitter.
Twitter stats for June 10th!
@Mathtoons (1,988 following & 942 followers) Academic Practice feels like PLAY with Practi, a tool dedicated to creating the best in-class skills practice experience
@mypracti (193 following & 49 followers) A smart platform designed to empower, support and inspire educational partners and learners along the path to subject mastery! Created by @mathtoons
Over the next 3 months, we will use some steps to increase twitter influence.
1. What is your purpose? Our purpose is to

  1. Let people know that we are going to be releasing timely software that is very useful to tutors and teachers
  2. Drive traffic to sign up for our product ( Starting in August our purpose will be to drive people to the primary software website.

2. Who is your audience? Our target audience is Tutors, Teachers and Industry Trainers. We tend to target instructors of students between the ages of 14-22 with a concentration on STEM subjects and English as a second language.
3. What will you tweet? We will tweet math jokes, quotes, and posts as well as 3rd party content that support research based pedagogical reasons for and applications of mobile learning, as well as deliberate practice, learner preparedness, diagnostic and formative assessment, personalized and flexible learning, gamification, BYOD and student-driven education.
4. What is your follow policy? We follow anyone who we think might be interested in what we’re doing as well as individual and institution influencers that are within the range of our target audience. We also follow key news sources, and conferences for 21st century education.
5. What is your time commitment? We currently spend roughly an hour per day on social media.