Guest Blog by Jack Oldham
It’s only natural that when it comes to studying for your final exams of the year, you’re going to panic. I know I certainly did – it’s only natural human instincts to do so. At the same time every single year, students around the globe will begin to rue the days sat on Facebook or spent socializing with friends instead of working. All work and no play isn’t good for anyone, but the same could be said for all play and no work. Nevertheless, it’s important to utilize the remaining time you have as well as possible to ensure that you go into your exams with the clearest head possible.
Perhaps the most essential thing to do right away is to plan your time and share it out equally. Make sure each subject is given the correct, fair amount of attention and weigh up each topic on a case by case basis. Once you’ve done this, writing or typing up a clear schedule will ensure that you have a plan to stick to. This way, once you’ve broken it down, you can motivate yourself with the thought of exactly how much you have left to do.
Another thing to plan in advance is your use of textbooks. It may not be the first thing you think of, but just put it this way: how many people will be entering the same exam as you? Think of the knock on effect, that’s probably how many people will be wanting to read the same books as you when it comes to revision. If you don’t plan on buying the books, then at least make sure you get them early or book them in advance to make sure you’re not left panicking days before the exam.
Understandably, the idea of spending any more time in class once you’ve finished your scheduled teaching is totally unthinkable to some people. However many tutors may offer the option of extra study sessions for anyone who has particular struggles. These are a much better option than just searching for answers on Google as these are people who know the curriculum like the back of their hand and, more importantly, know exactly what you’ll need to swat up on for your exams.
However it’s not just a case of burying your head in a book and everything being ok. There are a number of non-academic issues that can contribute to a good revision session and these are equally as important to consider. It should be common sense, but it’s no good trying to study with music blaring out or daytime TV on in the background. Sitting in your room with tempting distractions like a comfy bed staring at you is likely to be unproductive. Compare this with everyone’s dreaded location – the library. Sure, it may bring back memories of those last minute deadline rushes, but everyone is there for the same reason and will be unlikely to disturb you as they will be too busy with their own revision (in theory…!)
Finally, the age-old myth that stocking up on energy drinks and sugar helps with mammoth revision sessions is exactly that – a myth. Whilst you will feel energetic and ready to go quite quickly, the effects of the crash when it all wears off will hamper any further study. Sticking to a regular, healthy diet and allowing yourself regular breaks (preferably outdoors) will ensure that your concentration levels are optimized.
Author Bio
Jack Oldham is a journalism graduate blogging on behalf of Banana Moon, who specialize in a range of personalized clothing including printed t-shirts, sports kit and school leavers hoodies.