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Writing Advice for College Students
Author Bio: Melissa, the CEO of Educasic. I am also a mom.

As a mom, giving my kids the opportunity at the best education possible is extremely important. One of the simplest ways I know to do this is to support and reinforce what is being taught in their classroom and help them study at home.

For instance: My son Oliver came home from his first day of Kindergarten with a note from his teacher, Ms Rodgick, saying that sight words were being taught this year, and asking me, the parent, to buy a box of paper flashcards to study his sight words at home.

Sight words are all the simple and common words young kids need to memorize by sight to help them learn to read. This is important, so of course, I immediately went and purchased a box of paper flashcards!

And I kinda thought, flashcards? Really? They’re still doing it this way in 2015? OK!

Well, paper flashcards ended up EVERYWHERE in my house – a major mess!

And while I am dealing with this mess, wishing this was something he and I could do together on my phone – digital – anything, I suddenly become VERY aware of what was really missing – his teacher (the expert) has zero connection with what we’re doing at home.

As a mom, I NEED his teacher to know what is happening at home!

Honestly, there is a real lack of parent – student – teacher connection with this old school system.

For teachers like Ms. Rodgick it’s even worse. She manages 30+ families – what words get sent home, and what level, keeping progress notes on paper. But she has no idea how a student is doing until she tests them in the class. And if they fail, it’s too late – that student is already behind their peers.

So, what if there were a better managed sight word solution for BOTH parents and teachers to help their students learn sight words, tightening the triangle, leading kids to higher education through better reading ability?

Together with my co-founder Andy – We created Sights

Sights replaces your paper flashcards with a more convenient tool that’s preferred by parents, kids, and teachers, providing extreme value for each member of the triangle.

Sights is the FIRST classroom-connected, digital sight word learning tool that kids and parents use together at home to study in conjunction with the child’s teacher. Teachers quickly and easily create their private classroom dashboard, and then tell their parents to download the Sights app onto their smartphone, connecting them back to the classroom. We have incorporated our own proprietary algorithm into BOTH the teacher dashboard and the parent/student facing app that shows history for each practice test taken, as well as words known and words the student is struggling with.

Teachers like Ms Rodgick helped us build the teacher dashboard, and have validated its importance to help their students excel in their reading abilities. Besides tracking each student’s at-home progress, teachers have the ability to modify the word lists, student levels, and share history directly from their dashboard with administrators when needed. This helps them catch early reading disabilities BEFORE it’s too late.

Parents love our mobile app because they no longer have to remember one more thing in their busy schedule, and can set up practice reminders right from the settings. Sights is ALWAYS current with the classroom lesson plan and gives real-time feedback directly to the child and the parent.

Educasic specializes in connected apps, like Sights, for students PK-2 grade. Our focus is supporting the 7.4M kindergarten and first grade students plus millions of pre-schoolers entering school in the United States each year. Early language exposure not only has a strong influence on language development and school achievement, but on the overall trajectory of children’s lives, including later academic and occupational success. We believe Educasic’s platform engages parents with their children which enables them to learn their sight words at a faster and more proficient rate. We have tested and validated this in all of the active classrooms currently using Sights, both in the classroom and with their parents at home.

If you support the future of our kids, as I do, and as Ms Rodgick does, then please help us fill this connection gap – refer at least ONE teacher to signup for their Sights classroom today, and give our kids a shot at their future.

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