Thanks to Our September Guest Bloggers!

September 2012

Guest Blog: There is More to Maine!

Norm Forgey founded Maine Day Trip in 2007, a company that provides private sightseeing tours.  Many educators and other professionals from around the world have toured Maine with them.  Their sightseeing destinations are greatly enhanced with snippets of history and the background of historical landmarks and scenic views.  Fall is the greatest time of the year to meander the coast of Maine.

Guest Blog: Grandparents Day on the South Shore, MA

Wren Meyers is the power behind SMMaestro and brings the Social Media Orchestra to life. He utilizes the Maestro’s Podium to bring to life lively and dynamic connections between professionals, Twitter enthusiasts, curious seekers and the general audience to bring about a sensational buzz for the projects and businesses with whom he works.
Follow him at @SMMaestro and @wrenmeyers to experience the joy of creating your own music, watching your symphony come to life and enjoying the power of shared connections

Guest Blog: 5 Fun Resources for Educating Children at Any Age

This post was submitted by Vera Mosely, an author who enjoys writing on the topic of early childhood education.

Guest Blog: So Many Distractions!

Ann-Rhea Fitch is a wildlife photographer and partner in Bookpx, publisher of environmentally conscious eBooks for kids. The Nature Series for Kids is available for all eReaders capable of displaying color eBooks, including computers. The Multimedia Enhanced eBooks for Kids are exclusively available from the Apple iBookstore. The web site is

Guest Blog: The Best Person for the Job is… Someone Else!

Jason Fabbri is the Founder of, Inc. Jason is always thinking of ways to help make the world of public education a better place. When he’s not thinking of such things, playing with his own kids, or fly fishing, you will find him cleaning up the tools his children have left about.

Guest Blog: Easy Tech for Parents and Teachers

Brittney Martin Brittney is a Public Relations consultant for Two Bros web-design, the creators of the Easy Teach educational application.