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Once you have learned the basics of twitter, now you have to establish a following philosophy. We have spent 100 of hours analyzing and determining what is the best fit for our company. We have a few guidelines that we use to determine if we will follow back and account that is following us.

  1. Is the person or business compatible with our mission? My Town Tutors has a clear mission. Connect with U.S. Teachers who tutor! We know teachers are great tutors and are a great resource for parents looking for tutors. If we feel the account can help us spread the word that “Teachers are great tutors” we will follow back.
  2. Can this company be a TOP QUALITY connection? How much influential is this person or company? If this is a top influencer, we want to make a strong connection. We will be as transparent as possible with our goal and will work to help other influential accounts spread their message too!
  3. Could the account write a Guest Blog? Guest blogs are an awesome way to drive traffic to our website. We look to connect with experts in education, parenting, and tutoring! If we can produce great content for our followers it is a win-win for everyone involved!
  4. Do they have a respectable follower to following ratio? We like to follow accounts that know what they are doing with social media. An account with a 1:1 ratio is usually our cut-off. If an account has a much higher ratio, usually we decide not to follow back.
  5. Why not? Sometimes we just trust our gut. We see the fit and disregard our guidelines and follow anyway. This is rare, but we know with everything, there are exceptions to the rule.

To learn more about some of the accounts we follow, click on the links below!