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Writing Advice for College Students
Simple steps for SEO Success & Twitter Tips! How to Use Twitter: 365 Tips for Small Businesses!
We are simply listing the accounts with the highest number of followers! The list comes from our “Make One Connection” each day on twitter list!

  1. @benlandis (2.6M followers) Entrepreneur. Songwriter. Founder of @fanbasenet Los Angeles
  2. @TheOddballz (79.2K followers) Non-Profit raising awareness for#disability#disabled#kids w/ music by Award winning musicians on FM from L.A. 2 London. Inquiry: Odd Arbor  entertainingoddballz.comGuest Blog: Oddballz
  3. @HSSocialMedia (75.4K followers) Social Media can help or hurt your future in sports. Athletes,be strategic. Guest Blog: Top 10 Social Media Tips for High School Athletes
  4. @pragmaticmom (75K) I blog excessively about children’s and YA books. When I cover education and parenting, KidLit somehow slips in. Boston, MA ·” Guest Blogs: Summer Reading List for Kids of Fun Books with Science and Math Concepts & Multicultural Children’s Book Day: January 27, 2016 My Town Tutors shared a guest blog with @pragmaticmom called Avoid Summer Learning Loss: Use a Summer Journal.
  5. @ToddWhitaker (72.9K followers) Focus on Leadership, Teaching, Motivation. Written 40 books inc What Great Teachers Do Differently, Shifting Monkey, 10 Minute Inservice, School Culture Rewired. toddwhitaker.comTop 10 twitter account for Indiana teachers!
  6. @shannonmmiller (50K followers) Mom of 3. Eric’s Fiancé. Teacher Librarian. 2014 Library Journal Mover & Shaker. Consultant Speaker Author. Skype’s Education Ambassador.#TLChat News CoHost. Denver, She is a “Connected Educator” of the week and a Top 10 twitter account for Colorado teachers! Guest Blog: Celebrate Bubble Gum Day
  7. @SavvyMomNYC (28K followers) NY Mom traveling all around with my three savvy ladies – let us know of a great place to go! Educator and bargain fashion hunter. #Fitfluential Ambassador. NY & Westchester * Socially Connected Moms: Top 10 New York Moms!
  8. @WorldLillie (20K followers) U.S. Educator of the Week Boston teacher & #travel blogger: & founder: Boston (and the world) ·
  9. @21stprincipal (17.8K followers) High School Principal, Long-Time HS English Teacher, Avid Reader, Public School Advocate, Blogger. Views expressed here are my own. North Carolina Top 10 twitter account for North Carolina teachers!
  10. @CO_MtnMom (15.2K followers) Outdoorsy #TMOM / love travel, nature, Disney, & dessert / Ambassador for @AventuraClothng#FitFluential Socially Connected Moms: Top 10 Colorado Moms!
  11. @SuzanneShaffer (15.2K followers) College Prep Expert, Blogger, Author, Love helping parents navigate the college maze (also enjoying grandparenthood at Texas
  12. @ChrisWeissCT (14.5K followers) Moving forward innovation&technology in education.Principal-Riverside School 1:1 K-5.#BammyAwards Finalist#Innovation#EdTech.Opinions my own. RT≠endorsements. Greenwich, CT Top 10 twitter account for Connecticut teachers!
  13. @drjolly (14K followers) Superintendent @KenedySupt#satchatwc#SBLchat Love God,Wife&Kids! Servant Leadership | EdResearch | Grading | Change | EdTech | Arts | Relationships! Texas… * Top 10 Texas Education Accounts
  14. @dederittman (12.6K) Teacher, Speaker, Award-winning Author of Student Teaching: The Inside Scoop from a Master Teacher and Grady Gets Glasses. Inspirational/Educational Writer. Pittsburgh, PA
  15. @PradeepSEO_ (9.5K followers) [ Working on #SEO • #socialmedia#Marketing • Love to learn new things ] Hobby [ Indian #MarathonRunner#bodybuilding ]
  16. @MyTownTutors (8.1K) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. FREE to search. Boston, Massachusetts & USA Our parent company. We share a common goal and mission!
  17. @MrsMorgansClass (4.7K) 2nd grade teacher using tech to differentiate instruction, challenge my students, & connect! #TCEA presenter #2ndchatmoderator#globalclassroom lead teacher. Fort Worth, Texas · Guest Blog Post: #2ndchat – A Weekly Chat to Inspire and Rejuvenate! * Top 10 Texas Education Accounts
  18. @MichelleCroze (4.7K) Alternative Healing, Educational Services, Counseling & Fitness/Wellness: Helping people everywhere to feel healthy, happy & at their very best! Western Massachusetts, USA harmonywayhealing.comGuest Blog Post: Helping Children & Teens to Deal With Stress
  19. @ncarroll24 (4.5K) 4th Gr. teacher who loves using tech in the classroom. Co-Moderator of#4thchat and #elemsci. Looking to learn about & share resources for learning. Massachusetts teachingiselementary.blogspot.comEducator of the Week4th Grade Teachers Connect Via Twitter
  20. @ski626 (4.1K) / Sandra Intrieri / Principal of Putnam Valley High School, Putnam Valley, New York. Interested in new, innovative ways to improve One of the Top Principals in New York educators. She is a “Connected Educator” of the week and a Top 10 twitter account for New York teachers!
  21. @MyTownTutorsMA (4.1K): Our parent company’s Massachusetts account. We share a common goal and mission!
  22. @MCUSDSupe (3.4K)Husband, Dad of 4, Supe Meridian 223, Award winning educator and author specializing in school culture and evaluation. Stillman Valley, IL He is a “Connected Educator” of the week and a Top 10 twitter account for Illinois teachers! Guest Blog: Bridging the Parent-Teacher Communication Gap
  23. @fieldtripzoom (2.7K) #FTZoom brings the world of unique LIVE&INTERACTIVE curriculum to your classroom. FTZ connects content providers w/ students in real time-Curriculum Made Cool!
  24. @iPracticeMath (2.5K followers) Math practice for kids for future success and empowerment #math#kidsSponsor1o1 Pi Day Jokes for Math Teachers
  25. @deniSkoPrj (2.3K followers) Educator, Interpreter, Imaginator. Helping to ensure quality educational opportunities for every youth and child.
  26. @MathsfrmScratch (1.5K) Maths video lessons presented in manageable bitesize chunks. Designed in such a way that you can teach yourself Maths from Scratch. Teacher and Examiner. Guest Blog: Teach Times Table Facts with YouTube’s Maths From Scratch
  27. @withcoach (.9K followers) Build your own online business by selling courses, booking time with clients and more. New York, NY
  28. @TheRestedMind (.8K followers) I provide exceptional psychiatric care to children (ages 7 and up) and adults. I serve God & my special needs patients and my wonderful veterans. Hingham MA therestedmind.comGuest Blog: Anxiety Disorders in Children: Massachusetts Buyers Beware
  29. @CantataLearning (.8K followers) We use traditional & original music paired with simple text & beautiful illustrations to engage the multiple learning styles of today’s young learners. cantatalearning.comGuest Blog: Celebrations Around The World: Fun With Cantata Learning!
  30. @DrCSJones (.7K follower) Educator, lucky husband, proud father, history, #character#culture, inspired and believer in the limitlessness of individuals with passion! Still learning… Seekonk, Massachusetts… Guest Blog: Why Teach Character in Schools? #charactered
  31. @AIEPUSA (90 followers) We are an international student recruiting and homestay organization, recruiting students to study at the best private middle and high schools in CT, NY, MA, MD Watertown, CT * Guest Blog: A Great Family Experience: Host An International Student