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  1. @shannonmmiller (47.2K followers) Mom of 3 & Eric’s Fiancée. Teacher Librarian.2014 Library Journal Mover & Shaker.Consultant SpeakeAuthor.ackin TL Advocate & Cantata Consultant.#TLNews Host Denver, Colorado ·
  2. @WorldLillie (18.6K followers) U.S. Educator of the Week Boston teacher & #travel blogger: & founder: Boston (and the world) ·
  3. @mytowntutors (7.9K followers) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. Boston, Massachusetts and USA ·

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  1. @BillNye (2.7M followers) Science Educator seeks to change the world…Los Angeles, CA, USA ·
  2. @ThisIsSethsBlog (520K followers) Founder of, author, blogger. This is a retweet of my blog.·
  3. @WeAreTeachers (276K followers) Online community of teachers of all types. Teacher social network, Web 2.0, Education, Knowledge Marketplace, school 2.0. Austin, TX
  4. @ScholasticTeach (135K followers) The official Scholastic Teachers account. We like to talk books, education trends and life as an educator. USA ·
  5. @web20classroom (135K followers) Educator, Speaker, Blogger, #Edchat Co-Creator, #140ConfCharacter, Edublogs Twitterer Of The Year, ASCD Emerging Leader. Do You Use Social Media In Education?Winston-Salem, NC ·
  6. @rmbyrne (90.5K followers) Teacher. Speaker. Writer. Google Certified Teacher. My dog thinks I’m cool. Maine, USA ·
  7. @willrich45 (70K followers) Parent, author, speaker, instigator, blogger about social Web tools and their effects on schools, education and learning. Flemington, New Jersey ·
  8. @ShellTerrell (68.5K followers) Education thought-provoker, The 30 Goals Challenge author, International Speaker, #Edchat founder, Host for AM TESOL Free Fri Webinars, SC Mgr@TheConsultantsE worldwide ·
  9. @toddwhitaker (68K followers) Focus on Leadership, Teaching & Motivation. Todd has written 30 books including What Great Teachers Do Differently and Shifting The Monkey. ·
  10. @tomwhitby (67.3K followers) Prof of Education. Founder: #Edchat, The EDU PLN Ning, Linkedin group Technology-Using Professors et al. BLOG: My Island View Long Island, New York blog: What’s An Education Thought Leader?
  11. @USATeducation (66K followers) Using USA TODAY to connect what students are learning in the classroom to events, trends and circumstances in the world around them. Listening closely. Everywhere in the USA ·
  12. @rweingarten (53.8K followers) American Federation of Teachers president, committed to improving schools, hospitals and public institutions for children, families and communities. Washington, DC ·
  13. @thenerdyteacher (52.4K followers) Just a guy who likes to write and speak on education, technology and all things nerdy. The ‘Lady Gaga’ of teaching. #EduBro. Michigan ·
  14. @wmchamberlain (36.2K followers) Husband, Father, Teacher, Adjunct Professor, Fablevision Ambassador, DEN Star, #Comments4Kids advocate, #EdStuff creator. All these tweets are belong to me!
  15. @wfryer (36.2K followers) Husband, dad, educator, author, speaker, digital storyteller. I’m here for the learning revolution. Also tweeting as @eyesrightblog@ipadwithwes Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA ·
  16. @timbuckteeth (30.5K followers) Teacher educator, FRSA, author, researcher, international speaker, associate professor, edupunk, disruptive activist. Plymouth, UK
  17. @sjunkins (26.5K followers) Instructional Technology Coach. Apple Distinguished Educator. Google Certified Teacher. Myrtle Beach, SC ·
  18. @vmcmurray (26.2K followers) Special education math teacher. Advocate for my students. Future queen of the world? Maybe… Chicago
  19. @stumpteacher (26.2K followers) Father, husband, 6th grade SS/LA teacher, tech enthusiast, 2012 IL teacher of the year and aspiring Jedi. suburban chicago ·
  20. @POWERofICU (23.8K followers) Teachers have been left alone to fight the problem of student apathy for too long. Learn how the Power of ICU can work for you. Nashville, Tennessee ·
  21. @teach42 (23.7K followers) Director of Soc Media & Online Community, Discovery Education. STAR Discovery Educator, Adjunct Professor @ Wilkes U & proud member of the Eduverse!#GeekPride
  22. @smithsonianedu (23.7K followers) Resources for teachers and their classrooms from the Smithsonian Institution. Terms of use: Washington, DC ·
  23. @suewaters (20.4K followers) Helping others with technology and blogs in the classroom! Writes support material for BuddyPress, WordPress Multi-site for & WPMU DEV Perth, Australia ·
  24. @theTeacherPage (16.3K followers) Quality Resources for Teachers! Comments and Suggestions Welcome! @robertwhughes Halifax, MA ·
  25. @TeacherReality (11.4K followers) FL teacher; parent; advocate for public education; working tirelessly to expose ‘ed reform’ profiteers. Trenches of a Title I school · (Top 10 Florida Accounts for Teachers)
  26. @tyeducators (8.7K followers) Educators play such an important role in our lives. We want to say thanks to those who teach and enrich our communities. Presented by California Casualty. ·
  27. @stevekatz (8.3K followers) Tech Integration Specialist, teacher,  ADE,  Apple Professional Development Trainer, Google Education Trainer, author, conference presenter, father, deadhead Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  28. @WEAC (7.7K followers) Wisconsin Education Association Council ÜT: 43.035197,-89.427211 ·
  29. @timlauer (6.6K followers) Principal at Lewis Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. ·
  30. @UngJen (4.4K followers) California girl at heart… proud parent, teacher, school commission representative, and positive thinker counting my blessings. #maketodaycount New York
  31. @shannoninottawa (6.2K followers) “Mom, Wife, Elementary School Principal in Ottawa, Canada – playing around with learning out in the open every single day :-) Ottawa, Canada ·
  32. @teachingwthsoul (66K followers) Consultant/Speaker. ASCD/ISTE presenter.New Teacher Chat Founder #ntchat.Core Blogger @Edutopia@KIDS_DISCOVER. Rep.@iTooch. Former Principal. Passion2 #mentor! California ·
  33. @TeacherSabrina (9.7K followers) Teacher-turned-advocate for kids, teachers & communities. Pro-#edreform that works for real people, not corporate interests. Tweets = mine, RTs ≠ endorsements. Washington, DC ·
  34. @teachermelanie (7.6K followers) ★ An online teacher (ESL) who can help YOU improve your English! ★ I tweet about English, Canada, & anything I find interesting! Join the fun! ☺Toronto, Canada ·
  35. @TeacherCast (19.7K followers) was set up to help teachers better use technology in their classrooms. We are your Educational Community for 21st Century Learning. Philadelphia ·
  36. @TeacherBeat (2.2K followers)  I cover teachers for Education Week newspaper and write our Teacher Beat blog. Washington, D.C. ·
  37. @TeachaKidd (15.8K followers) Blogger, EdTech, Geek… I will annoy you with questions. You’ve been warned. South Florida, USA ·
  38. @SNewco (14.8K followers) Educator, Mobilist, Speaker, Blogger, 1:1 Mobile Learning Devices, ISTE & eLearning Guild member, SIGML Ohio ·
  39. @principalspage (20.2K followers) Superintendent, Blogger, Google Certified Administrator, Best friends with Buddy the Dog. Illinois ·
  40. @PrincipalJ (19.7K) Elementary Principal, Twitter Evangelist, passionate about learning/daily5/cafe/instructional leadership, comoderator of #educoach chat, mom of 2 boys rural Wisconsin ·
  41. @plugusin (23.8K followers) I’m a full time classroom teacher and the author of Building a PLC at Work ( Teaching the iGeneration ( Raleigh NC ·
  42. @plnaugle (66K followers) I teach 4th graders math and social studies using many Web 2.0 tools like Edmodo. Glogster,, Jing, Skype, Wikis and I have 35 years of experience. New Orleans, LA ·
  43. @pgsimoes (66K followers) Portuguese Air Force #eLearning Evangelizer, #PLE Researcher & Informal Learner. @eden20_official Steering Committee NAP Advisor. Portugal ·
  44. @pbsteachers (66K followers) Multimedia resources & professional development for America’s preK-12 educators. Arlington, VA ·
  45. @paulawhite (66K followers) grandma, teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), DEN STAR, Google Certified Teacher, camper, Gifted Resource Tchr, NETS*T certified, lover of learning. Charlottesville, Va ·
  46. @PatrickMLarkin (66K followers) Artist formerly known as @bhsprincipal – BPS Asst. Supt. NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Evangelist for Web 2.0 and Digital Tools. Burlington, MA ·
  47. @NSTA (66K followers) The National Science Teachers Association: promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.
  48. @NormandinBill (66K followers) Proud father of 2 wonderful children, husband to an amazing educator, proud Principal of Normandin Middle School in New Bedford, MA
  49. @NMHS_Principal – Principal of New Milford HS (NJ): NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Google Certified Teacher, Adobe Education Leader, Author, Speaker. New Milford, NJ ·
  50. @NMEACS – “The National Minority Educators Association for Charter Schools was created to allow the diversity in education, talents and resources to be cultivated. Michigan” (69,200+ followers, 100/100 twitter grader)
  51. @NEAToday (66K followers) The National Education Association’s official publication, committed to a great public education for all students. Get free resources, news & more!Washington DC ·
  52. @NCTM (66K followers) The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education, providing vision, leadership and professional development. Reston, Virginia ·
  53. @MyWeb4Ed (66K followers) Passionate about the impact of technology integration on student success! 2006 TCEA Classroom Teacher of the Year. 2012 MentorMob Innovator. Symbaloo PD Pro. Houston, TX ·
  54. @msjweir (66K followers) I’m a high school English teacher who loves to geek out with technology! Also, a mommy to a beautiful little girl! ON, Canada ·
  55. @michellek107 – Teacher, EdTech, Prof Dev, Learner! Motto: If you’re teaching kids to prepare them for OUR world, you’re at least 20 yrs behind. Lone Tree, Colorado ·
  56. @mcleod – Associate Professor. CASTLE Director. Blogger. Idea generator. Solution builder. Agitator. Catalyst. “If the leaders don’t get it, it’s not going to happen.” Ames, Iowa ·
  57. @mcarls (66K followers) CABOCES Technology Staff Specialist after teaching HS Math in a block schedule for 11 years. Learning and sharing Tech ideas. Western New York ·
  58. @mbteach (66K followers) K-8 Technology Teacher and Technology Integration Specialist in Philadelphia. Edcamp Foundation Board member & organizer.
  59. @massteacher (66K followers) The Massachusetts Teachers Association Boston, Mass. ·
  60. @marynabadenhors – Lifelong learner. Interested in creating collaborative online forums and virtual classrooms. I have been called an ‘ungeeky ICT goddess’. I believe in karma. Global citizen (online) ·
  61. @maggiecary (66K followers) Teacher, writer, and mom to 2 great kids & 1 big dog. I write about, education, parenting & kidlit. Author of Secrets of the Crystal Cavern (1/2012 release).
  62. @lizfrerich (66K followers) I am a wife, mother, veteran elementary school teacher, avid reader, and enjoy crocheting. Interested in internet marketing and social media. Minnesota (USA)
  63. @l_hilt (66K followers) Elementary Principal, K-6 Tech Integrator/Coach, Reader, Writer, Connected learner! PA ·
  64. @learningfy (66K followers) Curator of EdTech Weekly, a free weekly newsletter on #edtech Vancouver, Canada ·
  65. @Larryferlazzo (66K followers) Inner-city High School teacher — ESL & Mainstream Sacramento, CA ·
  66. @langwitches – Educational Consultant 21st Century Learning Specialist- Technology Integration- World Language Teacher USA-Argentina-Germany ·
  67. @KylePace – District Instructional Technology Specialist and Google Certified Teacher. Presenter. Love to learn. Love to share. #EdcampKC organizer. Proud Dad. Kansas City, MO. ·
  68. @kristenswanson (66K followers) Authentic Education Consultant, Adjunct M.Ed. Professor, Google Certified Teacher, Edcamper, TedXPhillyEd Speaker, Keystones Tech Integrator, Leader, Learner Oreland, PA ·
  69. @kjarrett (66K followers) Father, husband, Google Certified K-4 technology teacher leveraging social media in education. Blogger, workshop leader, lifelong learner, relentless optimist! Northfield, NJ USA ·
  70. @kellyhines – Keeping Kids First – Wife, Mom, Learner, Leader, Teacher – NBCT, DEN Star, NC DEN LC Blog Chair, SMART Exemplary Educator & Certified Trainer Greensboro,NC ·
  71. @kathyschrock (66K followers) Educational Technologist, DEN Star & Guru, Adobe Ed Leader, Google Certified Teacher ( Twitter RSS feed: Cape Cod, MA ·
  72. @joycevalenza (66K followers) teacher-librarian, learner, blogger Abington, PA ·
  73. @jswiatek (66K followers) District Technology Specialist for the Citrus County School District, #edchatarchivist. EdCamp Citrus organizer. Always looking for ways to engage students! Inverness, Florida, USA ·
  74. @justintarte – Director of Curriculum & Support Services in a district of 3,000; learning & growing through group collaboration & sharing of ideas. I love technology & PD! St. Louis, Missouri ·
  75. @Joe_Mazza (66K followers) Lead Learner @KnappElementary@Penn_State alum & current@PennGSE doct student researching home-school partnerships 2.0 ~ Speaker ~ Writer ~ #PTchat Wed., 9PM Philadelphia, PA ·
  76. @janwebb21 (66K followers) teacher and learner with passion for trying new ideas and using technology to enhance learning and teaching iPhone: 0.000000,0.000000 ·
  77. @intrepidteacher Teacher, learner, dad, bleeding heart, music and film addict. I want to share as much as I can with as many people as I can as often as I can. Singapore ·
  78. @ipadSammy (66K followers) iPad lover, educational technologist for Eanes ISD, and 17 year elementary teacher. Love my family, the Chicago Bears, and discovering new #edtech to share! Austin, Texas ·
  79. @heyjudeonline – Educator, learner, blogger, librarian, technology girl, author and consultant. Playing in higher education. Innovation for life. Sydney, Australia ·
  80. @gwynethjones –  Teacher-Librarian, LJ Mover & Shaker, GCT, ISTE Board of Directors, Speaker, Blogger, SL Steampunk, Den★, Xtc Fan, Pop Culture Ho, Cinephile, Geek, & Goofball!
  81. @gcouros (66K followers) Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning for PSD70. Passionate about learning, ed. tech, and helping others find their passion! I like dogs :)Edmonton ·
  82. @flourishingkids (66K followers) Elementary teacher/academic coach with a passion for building efficacy in kids. Author of “25 Super Sight Word Songs & Mini-Books” published by Scholastic. SF Bay Area, CA ·
  83. @feedtheteacher – EFL Teacher, E-tutor and social media and technology enthusiast! I believe in the power of sharing and collaborating! ·
  84. @Edudemic (66K followers) A dedicated community of educators and technologists looking to enhance learning. Cambridge, MA ·
  85. @EducationMN (66K followers) The union of 70,000 educators. Our members work in pre-K-12 schools and higher education institutions statewide. Saint Paul, Minnesota ·
  86. @edmodo (66K followers)The official twitter account for Edmodo. Make your classroom a community. San Mateo, CA ·
  87. @dougpete – Educator, Presenter & always on the look for something new to learn. I tweet about education, technology, Minnesota Vikings, Formula1 Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada ·
  88. @dkuropatwa (66K followers) Curriculum Coordinator for Digital Learning at St. James-Assiniboia School Division Always in beta ∞ß (My tweets express only my own opinions.) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ·
  89. @DianeRavitch – I write about education. I blog at Brooklyn ·
  90. @DebChitwood – I’m a Montessori educator/writer, former homeschooler, and mother of two adult children. I love sharing ideas and activities and encouraging others! Colorado Springs, Colorado ·
  91. @ddmeyer (66K followers) I like to teach. Mountain View, CA · htp://
  92. @davidwees (66K followers) Father. Activist. Canadian. Educational technology consultant. IB & MYP Math & Science teacher. Geek & Skeptic. Passionate about education.
  93. @daversa_g (66K followers) ICT Teacher | Apple Distinguished Educator | Google Certified Teacher | He leads workshops to teachers and media professionals Italy | Higher Education ·
  94. @Darcy1968 – Learner, educator, deputy principal, English teacher, university lecturer, speaker, photographer, blogger, music-lover & traveller.Playing with new Lytro camera Kiama, NSW ·
  95. @dancallahan (66K followers) Instructional Technology Specialist K-5 @PineGlenLTC by day,#edcamp Foundation Chairman of the Board of Directors and Co-founder by night. Burlington, MA ·
  96. @cybraryman1 (66K followers) Educator & Writer trying to catalog the internet for students, educators and parents. ÜT: 27.179819,-80.236438 ·
  97. @cristama –  K-12 Instructional Coach with Missoula County Public Schools. I’m currently seeking my Ed Leadership credentials. Always learning, always sharing… Missoula, Montana ·
  98. @courosa (66K followers) Professor of #edtech#media#education researcher, #connectededucator, keynote #speaker#open scholar – Faculty of Education, University of Regina. Regina, Canada ·
  99. @coopmike48 (66K followers) Big Education Ape(A. P.arent E.ngaged) California ·
  100. @coolcatteacher (66K followers) Best teacher blog award winner, co-founder- Flat Classroom Projects, Conference, Digiteen, NetGenEd, known as the Wikinator by my students, author Camilla, Georgia ·
  101. @CNNSchools (66K followers) CNN’s Schools of Thought blog covers education from a variety of perspectives that include policies, practices and people. CNN, Atlanta, GA, USA ·
  102. @cnansen (66K followers) District technology coordinator for 25 years. Apple Distinguished Educator. Google Certified Teacher. STAR Discovery Educator. Husband,father, grandfather Minot, North Dakota ·
  103. @thecleversheep – I am a teacher-learner-collaborator, eager to engage in conversations with other learners. Project-based learning and Creative Commons are always on my radar. Komoka, Ontario, Canada ·
  104. @ChrisWejr – K-6 principal, teacher, learner, sports fan. Passionate about assessment, motivation, leadership, parent engagement. Proud father of toddler twin girls. ÜT: 49.2048791,-121.7464466 ·
  105. @chrislehmann (66K followers) Principal of the Science Leadership Academy Co-Chair – EduConPhiladelphia, PA ·
  106. @chickensaltash (66K followers) Headteacher at ISS, a bold scavenger who explores all sorts of different technologies and discovers new approaches to learning around the world. Seychelles ·
  107. @changeequationA non-partisan, CEO-led initiative to connect and align efforts to improve STEM learning in the United States. Washington D.C. ·http://www.changetheequation.org100 / 100 Tweet Grader
  108. @CATeachersAssoc – CTA represents more than 325,000 teachers, counselors, librarians, psychologists, nurses, community college and CSU faculty, and education support professionals California ·
  109. @blairteach (66K followers) School Improvement Consultant (middle grades, ELA, SS, DI, literacy); former MS teacher/administrator; life-long learner; Mac user; USAF vet originally from MI. Atlanta, Georgia 
  110. @bjnichols (66K followers) Executive Director of School Leadership, Google Certified Teacher, Doctoral Student exploring 21st century learning initiatives and transforming education. Newport News, Virginia ·
  111. @avivaloca – Formerly @grade1. Went from 11 years of teaching K-2 to moving to Gr.6. Looking forward to this exciting new adventure! Ancaster ·
  112. @arneduncan (66K followers) The official Twitter page of the US Secretary of Education Washington, DC ·
  113. @anniemurphypaul (66K followers) I write about how we learn and how we can do it better. Email me at, or connect on FB at New Haven, Connecticut ·
  114. @AngelaMaiers – I believe these 2 words can change the world – #YouMatter – I’m an Educator, Author, Speaker passionate about literacy, learning, and power of social media. Iowa ·
  115. @andycinek (66K followers) Be kind. Share. And remember that what we do is not about us, but for the students we teach Boston, MA ·
  116. @amandacdykes (66K followers) Mom of a 4 & 6 y/o. Teacher who is passionate about using tech to ignite learning. Teach 6th science. #NASAsocial attendee. Love Bama football & Red Sox.
  117. @alfiekohn (66K followers) author and lecturer on topics in education, parenting, and human behaviorBoston area ·
  118. @AFTunion (66K followers) We’re 1.5 million teachers, paraprofessionals/school-related personnel, higher ed faculty, gov’t employees, & healthcare workers making a difference every day. Washington, DC ·