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  1. @pragmaticmom (72.4K) I blog excessively about children’s and YA books. When I cover education and parenting, KidLit somehow slips in. Boston, MA ·” Guest Blogs: Summer Reading List for Kids of Fun Books with Science and Math Concepts & Multicultural Children’s Book Day: January 27, 2016 My Town Tutors shared a guest blog with @pragmaticmom called Avoid Summer Learning Loss: Use a Summer Journal.
  2. @shannonmmiller (47K) Mom of 3. Eric’s Fiancé. Teacher Librarian. 2014 Library Journal Mover & Shaker. Consultant Speaker Author. Skype’s Education Ambassador.#TLChat News CoHost. Denver, Colorado She is a “Connected Educator” of the week and a Top 10 twitter account for Colorado teachers! Guest Blog: Celebrate Bubble Gum Day
  3. @drjolly (13.3K followers) Superintendent @KenedySupt#satchatwc#SBLchat Love God,Wife&Kids! Servant Leadership | EdResearch | Grading | Change | EdTech | Arts | Relationships! Texas… * Top 10 Texas Education Accounts
  4. @dederittman (9.8K) Teacher, Speaker, Award-winning Author of Student Teaching: The Inside Scoop from a Master Teacher and Grady Gets Glasses. Inspirational/Educational Writer. Pittsburgh, PA
  5. @MyTownTutors (8.1K) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. FREE to search. Boston, Massachusetts & USA Our parent company. We share a common goal and mission!
  6. @MrsMorgansClass (4.6K) 2nd grade teacher using tech to differentiate instruction, challenge my students, & connect! #TCEA presenter #2ndchat moderator#globalclassroom lead teacher. Fort Worth, Texas · Guest Blog Post: #2ndchat – A Weekly Chat to Inspire and Rejuvenate! * Top 10 Texas Education Accounts
  7. @ncarroll24 (4.3K) 4th Gr. teacher who loves using tech in the classroom. Co-Moderator of#4thchat and #elemsci. Looking to learn about & share resources for learning. Massachusetts teachingiselementary.blogspot.comEducator of the Week4th Grade Teachers Connect Via Twitter
  8. @MichelleCroze (4.2K) Alternative Healing, Educational Services, Counseling & Fitness/Wellness: Helping people everywhere to feel healthy, happy & at their very best! Western Massachusetts, USA harmonywayhealing.comGuest Blog Post: Helping Children & Teens to Deal With Stress
  9. @ski626(4K) / Sandra Intrieri / Principal of Putnam Valley High School, Putnam Valley, New York. Interested in new, innovative ways to improve learning. One of the Top Principals in New York educators. She is a “Connected Educator” of the week and a Top 10 twitter account for New York teachers!
  10. @MyTownTutorsMA (3.8K): Our parent company’s Massachusetts account. We share a common goal and mission!
  11. @MCUSDSupe (3.2K) Husband, Dad of 4, Supe Meridian 223, Award winning educator and author specializing in school culture and evaluation. Stillman Valley, IL He is a “Connected Educator” of the week and a Top 10 twitter account for Illinois teachers! Guest Blog: Bridging the Parent-Teacher Communication Gap
  12. @fieldtripzoom (2.2K) #FTZoom brings the world of unique LIVE&INTERACTIVE curriculum to your classroom. FTZ connects content providers w/ students in real time-Curriculum Made Cool! WorldWide
  13. @MathsfrmScratch (1.1K) Maths video lessons presented in manageable bitesize chunks. Designed in such a way that you can teach yourself Maths from Scratch. Teacher and Examiner. Guest Blog: Teach Times Table Facts with YouTube’s Maths From Scratch
  14. @DrCSJones (.6K) Educator, lucky husband, proud father, history, #character#culture, inspired and believer in the limitlessness of individuals with passion! Still learning… Seekonk, Massachusetts… Guest Blog: Why Teach Character in Schools? #charactered
  15. @AIEPUSA (37) We are an international student recruiting and homestay organization, recruiting students to study at the best private middle and high schools in CT, NY, MA, MD Watertown, CT