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Start your Day With a Smile: 180 School Jokes (5,000+ views in the last month) This page is great! Traffic grows each month. It is an awesome way to connect with teachers and parents.
All year
Lessons for Special Days of the Year: So many teachers book mark this page to get lessons for special days of the year. This is a great page for any education company that wants to connect with dedicated teachers! 

365 Family Friendly Jokes of the Day: This a great page for any company looking to connect with parents and families. Each day the joke will be tweeted to our 10K+ followers. The jokes are popular and many moms and dads visit the page regularly.
Guest Blog Page: Our guest blog page is an amazing opportunity to connect with others. Our guest bloggers come from all walks of life. We usually post 3 -4 guest blogs per week and your website should see an increased traffic at a low cost.
The Word’s Best Top 10 Jokes: This is a great page that lists the best collection of jokes for the entire year. We list jokes for holidays, seasons, and sports. Lots of traffic from a wide range of people.
Coaching Youth Basketball Page: This is a very targeted audience of youth basketball coaches. It would be a great opportunity for a basketball website to gain quality visitors!
Great pages for the following months:
March Madness: Top Basketball Jokes (Google Search: 1st page, #3 listing)
March 2nd: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Dr. Seuss Special. Advertise on ALL of our Dr. Seuss pages for $30 for the month of March. Great for companies looking to connect with teachers and parents.

March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day Jokes
March 27th: Top Easter Jokes