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School Jokes: The Best (& Worst) School Jokes

  1. What does Jack Frost like best about school?… Snow and tell. (Top Elementary School Jokes)
  2. What time is it when little white flakes fall past the classroom window?… Snow and Tell.
  3. What kind of math do Snowy Owls like?… Owlgebra. (Top Elementary Math Jokes)
  4. What did the snowman order at Wendy’s?… A Frosty
  5. What did the snowman and his wife put over their baby’s crib?… A snowmobile!
  6. What do you call ten Arctic hares hopping backwards through the snow together?… A receding hare line.
  7. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?… Frostbite (Top Halloween Jokes)
  8. How do you keep the snow from giving you cold feet?… Don’t go around BRRfooted!
  9. What is a great lesson for the day after a snow day?… Snow and Tell!
  10. How does one snowman greet another snowman?…. Ice to meet you.
  11. What often falls in the winter but never gets hurt?… Snow
  12. What is a mountains favorite type of candy?… Snow caps.
  13. What happened to the man who stole a calendar from the store?… He got 12 months.
  14. Why is the slippery ice like music?… If you don’t C sharp – you’ll B flat!
  15. What do Snowmen call their offspring?… Chill-dren.
  16. What is the favorite Mexican food of snowman?… Brrrr- itos
  17. What do you call a snowman with a six pack?… An abdominal snowman.
  18. What kind of money snowmen use in the North Pole?… Cold cash! (Top Christmas Jokes)
  19. If the sun shines while it’s snowing, what should you look for?… Snowbows.
  20. What did the snowman eat?… Icebergs with chilli sauce.
  21. How does a Snowman get to work?… By icicle.
  22. Where does a snowman keep his money?… In a snow bank.
  23. What is the snowman’s breakfast?… Frosted flakes! (National Cereal Day Jokes)
  24. Why did the boy keep his trumpet in the freezer?… Because he liked cool music.
  25. Where the snowman does dances on?… A snow ball!
  26. What do snowmen eat for breakfast?… Snowflakes!
  27. What do snowmen like to do on a snow day?… Chill out.
  28. Knock Knock!… Who’s There?… Snow!… Snow who?… Snow laughing matter.
  29. What did one snowman say to the other snowman?… Do you smell carrots?
  30. Knock Knock…Who’s there?… Snow… Snow who?…  Snow business like show business !
  31. What happened when the snowgirl had a fight with the snowboy?… She gave him the cold shoulder! (Top Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  32. What do snowmen wear on their heads?… Ice caps!
  33. What’s an ig?… An eskimo’s home without a loo!
  34. What do snowmen eat for lunch?… Icebergers!
  35. Where do snowmen go to dance?… Snowballs!
  36. What did the big furry hat say to the warm woolly scarf?…”You hang around while I go on ahead.”
  37. What sort of ball doesn’t bounce?… A snowball!
  38. How do you call an Eskimo cow?… An Eskimoo!
  39. How do Eskimos make their beds?… With sheets of ice and blankets of snow.
  40. Why don’t mountains get cold in the winter?… They wear snowcaps.
  41. What did the snowman say to the customer?… Have an ice day!
  42. What do you call a slow skier?… A slopepoke! (Top Ski Jokes)
  43. What do you get from sitting on the ice too long?… Polaroids!