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Also called as OCAT, the Revelian Cognitive Ability test is a psychometric test, which recruiters use to screen candidates on the basis of numeric, verbal, and abstract information. Of course, long term employment prospects for graduates are quite stronger than ever; landing on their dream job can be quite tricky.

In fact, some suggest that while having an educational degree is important, graduates still lack the necessary learning skills required to get into the competition. And that’s when psychometric tests come handy. Psychometric test, like the Revelian test, aims to access the potential skill of the candidate.

Revelian test is based on the data-focused insights to gauge your cognitive ability as well as personality skills. It will help recruiters hire you on the basis of personality as well as cognitive ability. This test will cover areas like:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

It’s a 20-minute test with 51 questions that are given to the job seekers to judge skills that most interviewers don’t find during verbal interviews. To pass the test, you should have good problem-solving skills, high mental ability and should do free Revelian test Practice as much as you can.

Facts about RCAT!

You can give a test once in 12 months of the period: RCAT allow students to complete the test once in 12 months. Since you will be asked for identification details, this will minimize the chance of having repetitive candidates.

It is time-bound: You will only get 20 minutes to complete the test.

There will be multiple-choice questions: The test will feature 51 different multiple-choice questions with every question of different difficulty level.

The test is divided into different sections: You will be asked from different sections, like:

  • Verbal: For verbal skills, you must possess basic English skills, as the test will judge your ability to interpret every question.
  • Abstract: In this, you will get questions relating to patterns, filling the missing information, choosing the odd one, and more.
  • Numerical reasoning: This will judge your basic Math skills like addition, subtraction, division, and more.

Language availability: The RCAT is for everyone, which means you can give the test with ease.

Last-Minute Tips To Ace The Test:

Don’t Rush To Be Perfect; Aim For Excellence:

Your ultimate aim to ace any cognitive test should be answering every question correctly, not attempting every question.

Know Your Strengths And Work On The Weaknesses:

Practice tests and sample tests will help you identify the type of questions that might dread you. This way, you would be able to know the sections in which you are strong and the one that needs more practice.

Of course, not every student has the same capabilities; some are slow readers, while others dread from percentages or might have weak grammar. If you get a question for which you need more time, skip it and move to the next one!                                                                                                                                                                                    

Time Is Running, Don’t Forget It!

Don’t spend much time on one question; instead, make an appropriate guess and move! Just keep in mind that RCAT is a time-bound test, which means you will get a clock running to one side of the screen. Try attempting questions that are easier first and leave the lengthy ones for later.

To Guess Or Skip?

Another important thing you need to know before participating in cognitive tests is:

  • Whether or not the test puts penalty for wrong answers
  • Or, Is there any option to go back to the previous question.

Preparation Is The Key!

The practice is the only thing that will keep you get going! So, invest your time in preparing for the test and then take it. Try sample tests, online practice papers, and more to improve your ability.

If you are one of those candidates, who believes that there’s no way you can prepare for the test, think over! Cognitive tests use the same format for every type of question they ask, and reviewing them in advance will help you ace the competition.