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Quarters Catching: Learning a New Skill
The goal of the activity is to teach the students about the process of learning a skill. It is a unique skill that many students have never completed before, so it is highlights the importance of practice and trial and error.
Method: Introduce this activity at the start of the learning unit. If possible find a video clip on youtube. We have emailed the Guinness Book of World Records to see if it could be recognized.
The competition begins with each student attempting to catch one quarter. Once a student catches the quarters, he / she will return to wait for the next round.

  1. Students are allowed 3 attempts at each level. If ALL the quarters are caught, the student moves on the next level. If the student is unable to catch all the quarters, the student is eliminated from the competition.
  2. After the first round, levels will increase by increments of 5, starting at 5.
  3. Once the level of record breaking is reached, we will increase by one quarter at a time. This is a shot at THE HALL OF FAME, which will be posted in the room until the following year. This will be a very special accomplishment for one student, so we will take the extra time to raise the level of competition for future generations.
  4. Once a level of difficulty is reached, the competitors will be allowed ONE failed set up, in addition to 3 attempts to succeed at each level.
  5. There will be a yearly record of the TOP 10 to be displayed in the room for the year. There also will be a permanent record of the Hall of Fame for the top scorers.
  6. Rules will be added as necessary to maintain the integrity and validity of the competition.
  7. You can either choose one stack or 2 stacks. It is your choice. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks.
  8. If the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes quarter catching as a record, we will follow all the rules to potentially have a world record holder in our midst.