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Gail Terp is a retired teacher who has spent the last 30 years working with enthusiastic and reluctant readers. One of her top goals as a teacher was to connect kids with books they loved. It’s still her goal. Her blog, Best Blog for Kids Who Hate to Read ( is one way to reach it.


I love magazines. They have lots of the things that make reading fun: pictures, captions, headings, graphics, and text that tends to be easy to read.

Magazines teach me stuff I want to learn. Sometimes it’s something I’ve wondered about. (How do mosquitoes survive in the rain?) Other times it’s something I’ve never even thought of. (Did you know that the ancient Egyptians often mummified animals, not just humans?)

Here are some more good things about magazines:

  • Magazines are great for learning how to use graphics: maps, text boxes, tables, illustrations, graphs, and diagrams. More than textbooks, magazines are motivated to give you graphics you want to read.

  • Magazines give us info to share. I love to share interesting bits with a friend. One of my favorite things to say is Did you know…?

  • Magazines give us ways to explore new topics and ideas. Think about it, would you rather learn something new by reading a textbook or by reading a picture-dense magazine?

  • Magazines use things like callouts, speech bubbles, quotes, and other fun graphics.

  • Kid magazines are about kids and what kids do.

  • Magazines are more up-to-date than most books. Books often take at least a year to get published.


  • Silent reading time

  • On car trips

  • Waiting times (before the school bus comes, at the doctor’s office, before dinner…)

  • During homework breaks

  • At breakfast and snack times

  • While the TV is on (only works if you are good at multi-tasking!)

  • During computer time – many magazines also have online sites


  • Start with the stuff they like (skateboarding, horses, science…)

  • Expand into stuff they might like

  • Consider some adult magazines.

  • Go to the library and browse – most libraries let you check out magazines. I do this all the time.

There are a ton of kids’ magazines to choose from. Not sure where to start? Here are 4 links from my website that will get you started:

Top Magazines for Kids: Part 1

Top Magazines for Kids: Part 2

Fun Sites for Kids’ Magazines

More Fun Magazine Sites for Kids

Go ahead, check out some magazines. Find some you like. Tell me about it. I’ll post your comments on my website.