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No one enjoys writing to immigration and it can be a very daunting task when you have to. You want to keep in mind that applying for an immigration waiver letter will be time consuming. It may seem like just a regular letter, but it is so much more than that. You also don’t have many chances to get this right, so it is important that you do it right the first time. 

It is so easy to make mistakes, but some of these mistakes are fairly common and often times surprising. Do not allow yourself to fall into this category, but instead try to embrace the process. Give it all you have and do not give up on trying to get this waiver letter approved. Any shortcuts that you take will possibly count against you. Have a look at these 5 pitfalls often happening to students. You can use this as a guide so that it does not happen to you. 

  1. No cause

You cannot write a letter for immigration and not have a valid reason for doing so. If there is no validity to your request, it would be a waste of your time to write this application. A waiver letter will only be granted to you based on the fact that you have a solid reason to back up what you want to achieve. Immigration departments are usually very busy and definitely will not consider any applications that are invalid. 

2. No structure

This is a professional application and should be handled as such. Make sure that you consider the structure of this letter before you start. Failure to do so will be a mistake that you often can’t rectify. Sometimes you find that some immigration officials will tell you to go back and fix the structure. Other times, the application is simply denied. Start with a template if needed. This may give you a chance of success. 

3. Too forward

Always show some level of humility when you are applying for a waiver letter. You want to win the reader over and the only way to do this is to appear humble. If you are too forward and assume that you will simply be accepted, you may be wrong. The final decision still lies with the immigration offices and one way to do this is to form a connection with the individual. 

4. Not meeting requirements

You will have a list of requirements that need to be met and failing to do so will result in your application being unsuccessful.  Always read through all of the requirements. If there is no list of requirements given to you, it might be time to do a little research. Look at a few examples of similar waiver letters and use it as motivation to do your own. You cannot plagiarize the examples that you find, but definitely use it to inspire you and keep you on the right track.

5. Procrastinating

One of the biggest stress factors, have to be procrastination. If you do not manage your time effectively, you may be finding yourself rushing the process. Always give yourself enough time to do justice to this application. You don’t get too many chances to get it right. Draw up a schedule and stick to it. 

Final words on a powerful immigration waiver letter

If you have valid motivation behind why you need this waiver letter, there is no reason why you should not get it. We all need assistance from time to time and the immigration department understands this. They have made this possible for people who genuinely need it. All that is left to do is the motivation behind it. Put it all in a nicely written form and you will achieve the goals that you have. Always take your time and never rush the application if you want the best outcome.