The popularity of online slots is no mere fluke; in fact you would be a prize plum if you believed that, and there’s no exaggeration there. In the 21st Century especially there has been a major influx of new spin to win games into the casino market at sites such as, and that is largely down to the dominant force of online video slots, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Developers such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil or Big Time Gaming (to name but a few) have been instrumental in the on-going growth of the industry, with consistently excellent slots hitting the market time and time again. But what really makes online slots so incredibly popular? Well, there is a multiplicity of factors to consider, let’s take a look. 

Better Technology for Online Slots now

If you are looking for explanations as to why online slots have grown so dramatically in popularity there is really not much else that has had a bigger influence than the remarkable extent of technology in 2019. For a start, this fact is pretty much solely responsible for the whole conception of the online slots industry – without technology like the Internet it just would not be possible.

Moreover, the new slot titles you see these days are pretty much incomparable to the ones that came even earlier this decade. The progress has been nothing short of dramatic, and things like the graphics and general gameplay in the majority of video slots is now at an incredibly high level, hence their majorly increased popularity. 

More Slot Bonus Rounds & Features 

A side effect of the escalation in technological progress is that there are now a lot more bonus rounds and features packed into a large variety of online slot titles. Most games these days will have at least a few of these, and it makes for a much more exciting play, which in turn boosts the popularity of online slots across the board.

Playing games such as Centurion by the critically acclaimed developers Inspired Gaming really makes you see the appeal of bonus games. In this title there are four separate ones, all of which are great fun and can be very lucrative indeed. No wonder slots are more popular than ever!

Mobile Online Slot Explosion

In recent years it has been the development of mobile gaming that has really instigated a surge in online casino popularity. The mobile slot explosion has had a profound effect on the market, boosting revenue by an absurd amount.

And is that really a surprise? You can now spin the reels pretty much everywhere whilst you’re doing pretty much anything. It’s true; you could be successfully gambling on slots whilst walking the dog, or even under the table at a business meeting (although we certainly don’t recommend that). 

Bigger Jackpots 

More popularity means more players, and you know what more players means? Oh yes, much bigger jackpots to be won. This is especially true of progressive jackpot slots, and becomes a key reason in why online slots have become so popular.