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With each popsicle we have, we will add to our list. Check out Summer Jokes too!

  1. What is a rabbit’s favorite type of music?… hip hop!
  2. What do strawberries do with musical instruments?… Have a jam session.
  3. What kind of hockey player does not like to pick up the check?… a cheap skate! (Hockey Jokes)
  4. Why are corn fields good listeners?… They are all ears! (Biology Jokes)
  5. What has 2 hands and no arms?… a clock.
  6. Why couldn’t the elephant use the computer?… He was afraid of the mouse.
  7. What do you do with a fish that sounds bad?… Tune a Fish!
  8. Where did Kayla go when she was feeling sad?… Fishing for compliments! (Fishing Jokes)