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The Constitutional Walking Tour

A field trip to historic Philadelphia provides students with the unique opportunity to visit the birthplace of their nation.  With so much to see and learn, The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia works to give teachers and students everything they need to have a great field trip!

The Constitutional Walking Tour’s signature offering is the 75 minute walking tour, a must for any field trip to Philadelphia.  This tour is an outdoor walking journey that provides a primary overview of the Independence National Historical Park area and visits more than 20 of the most historic sites in America’s Birthplace including:

  • Independence Hall
    Photo Credit: Jonathan Bari for The Constitutional
  • Liberty Bell
    Photo Credit: Jonathan Bari for The ConstitutionalThe Constitutional
  • Signers’ Hall
    Photo Credit: Jonathan Bari for The Constitutional

The Constitutional Walking Tour provides academic adventures in an outdoor classroom in Historic Philadelphia that spark connections between classroom instruction and experimental out-of-classroom learning. The tour uses interpretation, interaction, and education to make our nation’s history timely and relevant.

Scavenger Hunts

Teachers may also supplement The Constitutional Walking Tour with an interactive Historical Treasure Hunt hosted by a trained History Hunter.  Historic Philadelphia Scavenger Hunts are a great team building and social activity as you explore and learn about America’s Birthplace. During the Scavenger Hunt, students will be provided with a list of clues related to the sites in and around Historic Philadelphia and Old City.  The teams will have 60-90 minutes to find the answers to the clues and then meet up with their History Hunter again at the end to learn the results.  The winning team even receives prizes!

The Constitutional Bus Tour of Philadelphia

For those who want to see more of Philadelphia, The Constitutional Bus Tour of Philadelphia makes a great addition to their field trip experience.  The Constitutional Bus Tour is a comprehensive City Tour provided right on the bus that brought you to Philadelphia! The tour is 60-90 minutes (depending on traffic) and features the historic area, as well as other sites in the city including:

  • Ben Franklin Parkway

  • Comcast Center

  • LOVE Park

  • City Hall

  • Penn’s Landing

  • Chinatown

  • The Franklin Institute

  • and many more!

Students can even make a stop to get off and run up the “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art!

Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour

If teachers are looking for something a little different, The Constitutional Walking Tour also developed a ghost tour, the Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour!  The Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour features many spooky sites and stories.  Along the tour, visitors will dare to visit more than 20 of “Philly’s Frights & Sights” on a ghoulish 75 minute outdoor walking adventure! The tour is “1 part history, 2 parts haunt!” to ensure that students still learn about history while having a terrifyingly good time.

On the Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour, students will hear stories about the Master of the Macabre, Edgar Allan Poe, who used to reside in Philadelphia and Leo Callahan, the only prisoner to escape from Eastern State Penitentiary and never be captured, along with many more!

Visit the Spirits of 76 Ghost Tours

In order to help educators and parents plan field trips, The Constitutional Walking Tour offers many resources.  Every field trip group that books with The Constitutional Walking Tour receives a FREE Teacher Resource Guide so that teachers can maximize their trip to Philadelphia.  The Teacher Resource Guide provides useful information on Historic Philadelphia, including:

  • pre-trip and post-trip exercise

  • sample itineraries

  • directions

  • lunch recommendations

  • bus parking options

  • bus driver survival guide

All of these resources and more are designed to take the stress out field trip planning.
Historic Philadelphia is great place to take a field trip and The Constitutional Walking Tour is the absolute best way to see America’s Birthplace.