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It’s like a half-century since PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Machine is in the spotlight. Curated as future medical treatments with a rapidly growing popularity, one must know the best practices to keep your essential Pemf mats safe and efficient. 

 For starters, Pemf Mats work on pulsed electromagnetic field rays that assist bendy cells to work efficiently. It helps heal broken bones to various illnesses and chronic diseases, an entirely new medical treatment method with low to no side effects and harms. Pemf therapy also plays a crucial role in mental health problems and overcome stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other sleep problems. Isn’t it a fascinating invention?

 Pemf mats are pretty helpful but a bit expensive depending upon the model and functions they offer. From personal experience and extensive team research, we have gathered the best practices to use Pemf mats efficiently and the pitfalls to avoid while using them to get the most out of this technology.

Pemf Mat Dos

Before using a Pemf Mat for your therapy, there are some essentials to make it better and avoid any problems or irritations during the whole procedure.

  1. Before starting and as the session ends, intake water to maintain hydration levels. It is recommended to use at least a glass of water before and after each session of Pemf mats.
  1. Discuss with your doctor or physician before switching frequencies. As Pemf mats work on frequencies and each disease and problem is treated with a different frequency level, it’s better to consult an expert before switching frequencies to enjoy the actual benefits and outcomes of Pemf mats.
  1. Check out and make a daily schedule with fixed time intervals and daytime. Remember, many people complain of low to no benefits of Pemf mats, but on further research, it was diagnosed whether they were inconsistent or used wrong frequencies. Pemf machines heal the body naturally, so it takes time. A daily routine with track time will assist you in using Pemf mats properly.
  1. Learn how your Pemf mat operates for efficient use. Each button function, frequency adjustment, temperature to keep Pemf mats in, and a lot more. This short learning curve will make you an efficient Pemf machine user and save a lot of your time afterwards.

Pemf Mats Don’t Dos

Now let’s overview which practices shall be avoided while using Pemf mats and for which persons it is much better to consult a doctor before using Pemf machines.

  1. Avoid placing Pemf mats on body areas with implanted metal or other sensitive areas. If you have any heart condition or breast implants, then it is better not to place or get in contact with Pemf mas over those areas.
  1. Before getting on Pemf mats, take out any jewellery or wearables. It ensures nothing gets in the way of you and the electromagnetic rays and makes the process more efficient.
  1. In case of pregnancy, you can delay using Pemf mats. It is mainly to avoid any physical or physiological stress on the baby and keep them safe from the outside environment.
  1. Avoid using Pemf mats irregularly or inconsistently. If you use it inconsistently, then there is a high probability you will not enjoy the significant benefits of Pemf mats.

Wrapping up

With technology, life becomes more efficient. Pemf mats are like a revolution in the medical industry. But the factor to consider is their correct usage. This little time will give you many benefits and save much time wasted afterwards to use them rightly.