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The following is one of many great National Parks Services WebRanger activities. As a teacher, it is best to complete the activity before presenting to your students. The students will visit the link and answer the following questions. The questions require the students to be actively involved in the activity. The worksheets can be collected for assessment or a teacher could include the information in a later quiz or test.

Before completing the activity, the students should register as a WebRanger. By registering the work can be saved and progress can be tracked.

Correct answers are in BOLD and ITALICS! (Delete when creating a worksheet for students)

Name:                                                                                                                   period:

Young George Washington’s Adventures:



1. What year starts the activity?  1753

2. France and England have been fighting for power and land for hundreds of years.

3. There are two soldiers battling. Describe the fight & weapons. What is the purpose of using this image? Answers will vary. The soldiers are involved in hand to hand combat. The purpose is to show how long the French and British have been fighting against each other.

4. The Ohio River Valley region was the focus of battle?

5. How would you compare the size of disputed territory to the size of the British territory? The disputed area is roughly equivalent to the size of the British land.

6. Lots of people lived in the area include Indian nations Seneca, Shawnee & Delaware.

7. The 1st step in diplomacy is often some form of communication. What was the response of King George III to the French building forts in the disputed territory? (Complete sentence) An official letter must be sent to the French to ask them to leave peacefully.

8. Describe the image of the thoughts of Virginia Governor Robert Dinwiddie. Include 3 observations. Answers will vary. wintery, forest, several soldiers

9. Read the description of the mission. It is described as a very difficult and hazardous journey.

10. George Washington was 21 years old when he volunteered to be the messenger.

11. What was George Washington’s motivation for accepting the position? (C.S.) George Washington wanted to make a name for himself and thought this job would be a great opportunity.

12. 3 Characteristics that would make George Washington an ideal candidate. He travelled on the frontier as a surveyor. He was young & strong.

Activity “What to Take?”: Rollover items for descriptions. Drag the correct items into the crate.

What kind of things do you think George Washington would bring on his trip?Items taken

  1. compass (to find his way & record the route he took)
  2. trade goods & gifts (He was going to meet with American Indians and it was important to provide them with gifts.)
  3. hatchet (useful for chopping wood and clearing trees from the paths)
  4. shaving kits (beards were not popular)
  5. journal (needed for taking notes)
  6. camping gear (very necessary)

Items not needed: reason not needed

  1. carriage: There were no roads, only paths for walking and horses.
  2. iron: He would not need to iron his clothes while in the wilderness
  3. books & violin: Only essential items were taken on the trip.

Washington left on October 31, 1753. On his way to Wills Creek, gathering

people & supplies along the way.

Activity: Clothing of the 1750s (Major in the Virginia Militia)

Items taken: brief description

Activity: Clothing of the 1750s (Major in the Virginia Militia)

Items taken brief description

1. musket: The main firearm of soldiers during Washington’s lifetime. Muskets were cheap to make, easy to use, and had a fast firing rate of 3 shots per minute

2. Tricorn hat: The tricorn was a round hat folded up on 3 sides & was the style worn by young gentlemen, like Washington. Military tricorns were often quite fancy with bright edge lace and different colored ribbons called cockades.

3. Shot bag: A shot bag is used to carry necessary items to make a musket work. Bullets, tools, spare gun flints, and cleaning supplies were kept in this handy pouch.

4. Belt with Sword and Bayonet: The belt was called a double frog and held important items for soldier duty, a sword, and bayonet. The bayonet was a blade that fits on the end of the musket barrel. Washington carried a fancy sword since he was an officer.

5. Canteen:  Canteens held water, the British soldier’s canteen was made of metal which sometimes imparted a bad taste to the water.

6. Military Uniform: British soldiers were issued one full uniform a year, which included a red wool coat, knee breeches, shirts, and socks. As an officer, Washington was responsible for purchasing his own uniform.

7. Gaiters: Heavy linen gaiters protected a soldier’s lower legs and hose (stockings). Pants of the time, called knee breeches, only reached below the knees.

8.  Shoes: Leather shoes are straight last, which means there were no right or left shoes. The shoes were tightened across the foot using a buckle. Washington may have worn knee high riding boots instead of gaiters and shoes.

November 14th 1753

Who was Washington’s guide? Christopher Gist

Copy the description of the guide A skilled wilderness traveler and American Indian Negotiator. He and Washington both kept journals of the journey.


November 14th 1753

Who was Washington’s guide? _____________________________ ________________________

Copy the description of the guide (Click name)

Activity: Who to take

People taken Reason needed

1. ______________________________: _______________________________________________________

2. ______________________________: _______________________________________________________

3. ______________________________: _______________________________________________________

4. ______________________________: _______________________________________________________

People not needed

1. ______________________________ 3. ______________________________


2. ______________________________ 4. ______________________________

George Washington and his crew set out for ______________________________________.

November 26, 1753

George Washington met with 2 powerful Indian Chiefs to help with the journey to the French Fort.


1._______________________: ______________________________________________________________


2._______________________: ______________________________________________________________


Describe the American Indian Culture Tradition at important meetings.

The Half King was upset at the French because:



Washington hoped he could convince some of the Indians to join him on the journey to be

_______________________, __________________________, & __________________________.

Why did the chiefs need time?

Who finally joined Washington’s group?

December 11, 1753

French General Description

1._______________________: ______________________________________________________________

The commander needed time to __________________________ & _________________________________.

Washington’s two fears were confirmed



Explain the shift in foreign policy for the French in regards to the American Indians.

What was George Washington’s dilemma that was created with the British asked the Indians to stay?

Washington’s horses were weak! How did the French help the British?

December 16, 1753

Human-Environment Interaction: Describe the 2 challenges the British faced with the canoes.



December 23 – 25, 1753: Describe the setting and situation for Washington and his group.


Activity: Washington in Indian Dress

Clothing Item Purpose

1._______________________: ______________________________________________________________

2._______________________: ______________________________________________________________

3._______________________: ______________________________________________________________

4._______________________: ______________________________________________________________

December 26 – 27:

Washington and Gist decide to move ahead. Who do they met? _____________________________________

Why did the Indian carry Washington’s pack?

What shocking thing does the Indian do?

What did Washington and Gist decide to do with the Indian?

What is the only thing Gist and Washington had to guide them? __________________________

December 19, 1753

Because the river was not frozen. The built a _______________________ with a ____________________.

Describe Washington’s close call crossing the river.

Describe the decision based on the fact the river as too dangerous to cross.

How do they finally get to the otherside?

December 30, 1753

Where do they stay?

Washington finally reached ________________________________, nearly ____ months after he left.

Governor Dinwiddle need to warn the British people about the ______________________________________.

How did Washington suddenly become famous?


At the Battle at __________________ ______________ resulted in Washington having to


Describe the battle of ______________________ in 1755.

1758 Washington helped capture the important French Fort ____________________________________.