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School Jokes: Thanksgiving Day Jokes

#1 Page: 180 School Jokes: Start your Day with a Smile

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Hashtag of the the Day & Hashtags of the Year

November 1st: #NationalAuthorsDay
November 2nd: #NationalStressAwarenessDay

November 3rd: National Sandwich Day Jokes #NationalSandwichDay

November 4th: #NationalCandyDay

November 5th: #DaylightSavingTime

November 5th: #NationalDonutDay #NationalDoughnutDay

November 6th: #ElectionDay #ElectionDayCountdown #GoVote #IVoted #MidtermElections2018

November 7th: #ElectionFinalThoughts
November 11th: #VeteransDay: Veterans Day Quotes

November 13th – 19th 2016: Geography Awareness Week:

November 14 – 18, 2016: American Education Week: #AmericanEducationWeek, #aew2016

November 14th: #NationalFastFoodDay National Fast Food Day

November 18th: #NCTE16
November 22 (1963): JFK’s Assassination

Thanksgiving November 24, 20156:

November 27, 2015: National Day of Listening by StoryCorps.
StoryCorps: Listening is an Act of Love