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Summer is around, and you would surely be looking for hats that fit and look stylish. Straw hats are the best for sunny beach vacations. But does it worry you as you tried many hats, and none fits. Straw hats for big heads are always tricky to shop for. Heads are of different shapes and sizes; however, standard hat makers consider 52-58 cm circumferenceas fast selling. Nevertheless, large straw hats are especially for bigger heads. Any head circumference which is tiny-winy larger than 57cm is a rounder head. 

You might try a couple before getting one for the holidays, as natural straw hats for summer wear come in various sizes. The inner circumference of seagrass straw hats heads gives ample room for the skull and hair. Do not get confused with large head straw hats to the brim of the hat. Always check the inside of natural grass woven hats where your actual skull would sit for a perfect fit. 

How to self-measure to find sun hats for large heads?

It would be an intelligent move to measure your head before you go summer hat hunting. You need a measuring tape or tailor tape. Wrap the tape around the topmost part of your skull and make a note of it. If the size falls within 50-57 cm then go for standard hats but, if the measurement is in-between, always pick the larger hats which are tailor-made for big heads. 

Let your long tresses down while measuring the size of your head. Bigger sun hat designers customize the designs for all types of skull shapes. Women with large heads find it trickier to shop for sun hats, as many miss the fact that hair adds volume to the head circumference.

What to look for before selecting the perfect straw hats for big heads?

Beach hats for large crowns come with adjusting straps and stretchable bands. Once you know your correct size, it should be fun to explore the vast collection of summer hats. 

There are straw hats for big heads that come with elastic bands. The inner belts or stretchable bands make more room to fit a large volume of hair and leave more breathing space, which avoids the trapping of sweat during those hot sunny days. Always look for the product details for more information on the summer hats.

Some of the bespoke beach straw hats for large heads 

Wide brim summer hat – A very fashionable summer hat with a wide brim to give you that extra room for a beach holiday. The material is seagrass which is an entirely natural straw. It is a perfect beach hat for extra sunny days, and it keeps the large crown cool.

Floppy large hat – It is a stylish and universally loved wide beach hat which comes with a floppy brim. It gives a curvy and feminine look to your exclusive beachwear. Floppy wide straw hats for ladies are always comfortable. It protects from harsh sun rays and is ideal for windy evenings. 

Large straw hat with wind lanyard – You may look for hats with lanyards for those windy evenings on the beach. Straw hat with wind lanyards comes in handy for breezy hours. It keeps the hat intact, making it an absolute preference for those of you who live in coastal areas and want sturdy and comfortable wide hats.

Natural grass hat with chin strap – This is one of the most beautiful natural grass summer hats designs. The wide circumference hat is thebestfor complete protection from UV rays. The tailor-made straw hats come with a gap at the back to make extra room for a ponytail. It keeps your neck cool and dry during humid weather. 

Summer beach large straw hat – If you like natural woven hats with broad fitcrowns, why not check the sunny large grass hats. These are perfect for travel as the soft material can be folded in fits any travel bag. It’s super cute for beachy holidays and comes with a different shade of trimmings. 

Lightweight large head straw hats – Unisex large crown natural sun hats are an absolute delight for a couple of vacations. You can share the hat with your partner, who also prefers wider hats for comfort and extra skull space. It is multipurpose and comes in a wide selection of shades – dark brown, tan, mahogany, burgundy, and coffee brown. 

Waterproof Panama wide hats – Plans for water sports on your beach vacation? Choose straw hats for a big head that comes with the plastic coating. The natural seagrass hat comes for bespoke designs and ideal for wider crowns. It is perfect for outdoor activities as it keeps the head cool and dry.

Fedora straw hats for summer – Add oomph to your style statement by getting Fedora straw hats. It comes with contrasting tape or ribbon around the crown, which compliments the hat and makes it sturdy and comfortable.

These are several options to choose from. Make your choice considering your outfit and occasion to find the perfect one.