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The following activity is an interactive lesson created by the National Parks Service. To help keep the students focused, they answer the following questions. The answers are provided in the activity.


Civil War Interactive: NPS Web Rangers: Civil War Soldier by the National Parks Service:

Complete the activity as both a Union and Confederate Soldier. Complete the questions.

1. What was tested during the Civil War? It was a time when the unity of country was tested.

2. How many states did America have in 1860? In 1860, there were 34 states in the United States.

3. When Southern states left the Union after years of unrest, what was the demand? Southern states demanded the surrender of federal forts within their states.

4. What happened in April of 1861? After being bombarded, federal troops surrendered Ft. Sumter, South Carolina in April 1861.

5. List the Union Capital: Washington D.C. Confederacy Capital: Richmond, VA

Miles of separation: 100 miles

6. Total number of States that joined the Confederacy: 11 states ultimately joined the Confederacy.

7. List Union President: Abraham Lincoln Confederacy President: Jefferson Davis

8. Each president asked for volunteers to fight. List the reason for each side:

Union: Abraham Lincoln called for volunteers to quell the rebellion.

Confederacy: Believing in their right to secede, Davis called for volunteers to join the southern army to repel the invading Northerns.

9. How were women allowed to fight? Some women dressed as men so they could fight too.

10. Age range of most soldiers: Most soldiers were between the ages of 18 – 29.

Youngest Confederate soldier: 11 years old

Youngest Union soldier: 9 years old

11. List the side associated with the reasons people would join the war. (Union, Confederacy, both)

Save the Union Union

Protect the homeland Confederacy

Adventure and patriotism Both

Join Friends Both

Choose the Union side (1st)

1. Enter your name and read closely the complete form (Click CONTINUE)

2. List the name of unit you have joined for the U.S. Army. New York 69th Volunteer Infantry

3. What city was the inevitable location of the 1st battle? Manassas, Virginia

4. Why was it important for the Confederacy to defend the railway junction? Why was controlling the railway so important to the war? It was important to be able to transport soldiers and supplies.

5. What was the main reason both sides were excited for the battle? People felt Manassas would be the only battle of the war

6. After 11 hours of fighting. There were nearly 900 dead and  3,700 missing or wounded. The New York 69th regiment suffered 51 casualties including the commanding officer.

7. Copy the words the soldier had written. Analyze what you think it means. What has the soldier realized?

8. Describe the length in years and impact of the war

9. General                                        surrendered at                                 in April            .


10. How many soldiers died serving the country from your unit?

11. The website has an excellent visual to highlight the differences in deaths for each war.

Explain how the visual works.

List the deaths for the wars

Civil War World War I

World War II Vietnam

Korean War Desert Storm

Start over and choose the Confederate Army

1. List the name of unit you have joined for the Confederate Army. 27th Virginia Infantry Regiment

2. Describe the photo. What is happening?

3. What was the nickname of your unit & during which battle was the name earned?

4. How many soldiers were missing from your unit?

5. 489 soldiers started with your unit. How many remained at the end. What are some of the different ways the soldiers are no longer with your unit? (Think on your own)


Stonewall Brigade

Free Territories (can’t pick)

Great Image of total deaths

Rank the wars in order of highest to lowest totals