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Author Bio: Keith Russell, Creative Director, My School Books. Keith has been a professional Graphic & Web Designer for 13 plus years as well as taught and developed courses on Graphic Design Fundamentals, Creative Thinking, and Typography at a college level.

Are you running a tutoring or private teaching business, and spending a frustrating amount of time manually planning out lesson schedules, recording attendance, and tallying lesson costs for invoicing?

If you answered yes, you need to visit My School Books is simple, easy-to-use software for managing your business. It has every feature a teacher needs to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, all for the low subscription rate of just $12.95 per month.

A subscription gives you, at no extra cost, the ability to manage an unlimited number of students, a free website with an unlimited number of pages, and unlimited media storage which is easy to use even for the most novice users. My School Books is web-based software so it’s always on and ready when you are, wherever you are, and works on any mobile device (Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android). It allows private teachers to effectively manage and track all of their student details, schedule, attendance, study time, invoices, expenses, email history, parent contact information, and much more!

The two most powerful features of My School Books are the Calendar for scheduling student lessons and the Families & Invoices feature for billing students and parents. Scheduling student lessons with My School Books is simple. At the touch of a button you can schedule individual lessons, recurring lessons (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), group lessons, and you can even create custom event types.

The power of the calendar in My School Books doesn’t end there: scheduled lessons can easily be modified by simply dragging and dropping to a new day, and the filter feature allows you to hide and show lessons and events based on students, teachers, locations, and categories.

Students with lessons scheduled can, when a teacher enables the My School Books notification feature, be sent automatic email notices as helpful reminders. Each day the home page displays all booked lessons, your projected monthly revenue, and payments received that month. Teachers can mark student attendance with a single click, and My School Books automatically tracks billable and non-billable absences.

The Families & Invoices feature in My School Books allows tutors and private teachers to generate customizable, detailed, and professional-looking invoices based on a student’s schedule. Keeping track of payments, credits, and discounts is a breeze: parents can pay in a variety of methods including PayPal, cash and check, and payment receipts can be sent instantly. All expenses and income are kept in one convenient place and stored securely. Reports can be generated for year-end taxes or weekly assessments.

It is highly recommended that private teachers take advantage of the 30-day free trial and explore the myriad features that My School Books has to offer. Teachers will be amazed at how well it can keep their business organized and minimize paper and hand-written notes. And, if your tutoring or teaching business happens to grow, you can add additional teachers to your My School Books account for just $3.95/month per teacher.