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 With tons of TV shows available on Netflix, you at least do not need to look here and there in this quarantine to find out something that would keep you entertained. There are a lot of series available on Netflix, but you do not know which one to start with. So, here are a few must-see TV shows on Netflix that you must check out!

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The Crown

It is a TV series that is based on ‘The Audience,’ an award-winning play. It is primarily written with the narration about the chronicles of the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) from the 1940s to that of modern times. The series begins with the succession of the throne by the queen at an early age of 25, post the death of her father, King George VI. Personal intrigues and political rivalries during her reign take up the central attention of this series. 

Stranger Things

This story revolves around the central character, Will Byers, who was plagued with the sights of a dangerous monster. His visions were considered to be the result of PTSD. It is science fiction with lots of historical drama and horror fiction involved in it altogether. 

The Witcher

If you think that you would love TV shows from adventure fiction, have a taste of ‘The Witcher.’ The witcher Geralt over here is a mutated monster hunter. He struggles all his ways to find a place in this world so that he could get a settlement by some or the other way where people seem to be more wicked than that of the beasts. 

Orange Is The New Black

It is an American comedy-drama that involves how life in prison gets drastic changes over time. It shows how ten years after passing on the drug money to Alex, Piper still tries to adapt herself behind bars. It primarily portrays the life of a woman in the jail and how she manages to move ahead over there, in the days to come. 

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