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A mammoth confusion that most of us make is to think of teachers and mentors to imply the same job responsibilities. What teachers do is influence the students by offering them knowledge and instructing them to use the books and study materials judiciously. On the other hand, a mentor is the one who offers guidance to the students at every step of their lives and provides them with crucial lessons that help them to traverse the journey of life. Not only this, but a mentor also helps the pupils solve every kind of life’s hurdles. 

No wonder, teachers undergo several tests such as TET (TET full form: Teacher Eligibility Test) and various other screening assessments to become eligible to take up online classes via the best education app. But, not every teacher can become a great mentor. Quite a several skills are to be acquired by teachers to emerge as ideal mentors. 

In this blog article, we will look at the basic skills that a teacher needs to master to become a great mentor for the students. 

Top 4 Skills To Become A Great Teacher Mentor 

Tip #1: Maintenance Of A Trustful Relationship With The Students 

When students are your mentees and wish to share something confidential with you, make sure you respect the trust that they are placing upon you. Create an atmosphere of intense support and positivity so that the students can open themselves to you and share their academic problems or life struggles with you, without any hesitation. Make sure you are spending considerable duration with them and guide them through every stage of their journey. 

Always remember that trust is not developed just in a span of a few days. Give time to your relationship with your mentee and let a concrete trust build up between you and the students. 

Tip #2: Inspire The Students To Respect The Process of Learning 

To become an ideal teacher mentor, you need to encourage the students in giving due value to learning. You may be an expert and erudite person, but a person can’t possess the entirety of knowledge too easily. The skill of a good mentor is that you always have to be ready to share your knowledge with your students and enrich them with the much-needed facts and demonstrate the need for continual learning to them. 

If a student asks you a question that is puzzling and makes you wonder over what the answer could be, it is perfectly alright to inform your mentee that you have to look up some sources to come up with the answer. That is what becoming a mentor is! It is all about being in your raw form with your pupils and guiding them through every phase of their lives. 

Tip #3: Be Encouraging of Your Students’ Activities 

Do you know that being an encouraging person is one of the crucial factors to becoming a great teacher mentor? Constant inspiration, motivation and encouragement help the students grow up highly confident and instil into their minds the desire to strive for excellence and undergo constant development. Complimenting and praising your students are some of the traits that you need to imbibe within you to evolve as a great teacher mentor. 

Tip #4: Offer Regular Feedback To The Mentees 

Offering regular feedback to the mentees is yet another vital aspect of developing into a good teacher mentor. Make it a point to offer constructive feedback to the daily activities and performance of the students. These remarks from your end will help them to gain deeper insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, they can understand the area in which they should work to bring the best of themselves. 

Introduce the mentees to new challenges and see how well they are utilising their capabilities to emerge successfully. Communicate with them daily and leave behind important feedback that will help them to evolve into better individuals, with each passing day. 

Final Words 

The most crucial qualities necessary to emerge as a great teacher mentor have been listed above. Be quick in adapting these traits into your personality, and delight your soul in mentoring your students in the right way. Happy Teaching-Mentoring!