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My Town Tutors had a great year in 2012, expanding our network of local teachers who tutor and communicating with more teachers and parents than ever. In 2012 we had over 35,000 people visit our site from all 50 states. In only one month this year, we have have 7,500 visitors. Our highest total to date!
One of our most popular posts is our Connected Educators list. Our followers love connected educators who are willing to share there knowledge and experience, however out list only includes twitter profiles. Many of our followers want to learn more about some incredible individuals, so we decided to highlight one connected educator during each week of 2013.
So here it is!

Matthew Plummer: Educator of the Week

Matthew Plummer is a former high school teacher and founder of the Pi Day Challenge. Mr. Plummer created an activity for his students several years ago. He later shared the activity with the entire Hanover High math department. Now it is a global event that brings joy to the math enthusiasts everywhere.
If you are an educator, this is a great example of 21st Century Learning. Please share the Pi Day Challenge with others. They will be glad you did!
You can connect via twitter @pidaychallenge and @mplumm31.