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Momma Jam is a great resource for parenting tips. We were so happy to have her share some great ideas in a guest blog: Teach the “Art” of Giving: 5 Artistic Activities for Holiday Giving.
Here is some information from the “About Us” page:
MommaJam is a crank up the volume, shout out loud audio podcast for mothers. The talk radio style show covers MOP Culture (mom pop culture), including everything from style, entertainment, news and trends – all from a mom’s point of view. The show also discusses serious issues, such as the food allergy epidemic, afflicting families today.
“MommaJam is a fun way for parents to stay connected,” said Sara Eberle, MommaJam’s host and founder. “The shows are designed to have an edge. We provide information that is meaningful to mothers, but is presented in a way that is authentic. Some shows will make you laugh out loud and nod knowingly, others could make you cry.”
For South Shore parents, listen to WATD on Thursday mornings at 7:10 for useful information for local moms.
Every Thursday, MommaJam joins the 95.9 WATD-FM South Shore Morning News Hosts Rob Hakala and Lisa Azizian for a live radio report of entertainment, fashion, fitness, holiday, cooking and other trends for mom and kids (and sometimes dad, too!).
Check back for more great resources for Massachusetts Moms.