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Microsoft 70-535 Certification Exam: General Info & Tips for Passing

The Microsoft 70-535 certification exam is one of the important certification tests you need to pass to earn the Microsoft certification for Architect Azure Solutions. The certification exam evaluates a candidate’s ability to complete certain technical tasks in some Microsoft products. Sitting for this examination requires that you have hands-on experience and are familiar with the product under the certificate. It is important to mention that the Microsoft 70-535 is one of the most complex certification exams. Therefore, adequate time and efforts must be invested in preparing for it. When you pass this examination, you validate that you have the experience to identify hybrid and cloud solutions with Azure solutions, techniques, and technologies.

Preparing for the 70-535 exam takes you on another level of broad learning, both on the practical and theoretical level.

Who can take Microsoft 70-535 certification exam?

Professionals who are planning to take the certification exam must be able to describe the applicable cloud migration, cloud native, and hybrid cloud solutions to meet the prerequisite operational, functional, and deployment requests through a product’s lifecycle. The candidates must have the knowledge of the capabilities and features of Microsoft Azure services to be able to recognize trade-offs and make on-the-spot decisions for developing hybrid and public cloud solutions. In addition to this, they must also have the complete knowledge of Dev-Ops technologies, designing high resilient work-loads functioning on Azure, and providing Azure resources through the utilization of ARM templates.

Skills measured during Microsoft 70-535 certification exam

The skills measured during the 70-535 test are highlighted below:

  • Design Solutions through the use of Platform Service – 10-15%

  • Designs for Operations – 10-15%

  • Design Data Implementation – 15-20%

  • Design Network Implementation – 15-20%

  • Design Security & Identity Solutions – 20-25%

  • Designing Compute Infrastructure – 20-25%

These skills are covered in the different topics under the certification course. Before you start studying for the certification exam, there are some important tips you should take cognizance of. First and foremost, you need to understand that the 70-535 test is a difficult exam that requires an extensive preparation. The certification exam covers all the different areas mentioned in the exam objectives. You should expect at least a question on each of the chapters in the topics. It is also very crucial that you have hands-on experience on Azure before you attempt the exam. You also need to have good experience with Power-Shell, as well as to know how some design and deployment work flow. This includes mobile app deployment, web app deployment, automation, run-books, etc. Before you schedule the Microsoft Azure Certification MCSA 70-535, you must be sure it is something you really need. In other words, you need to be certain that it is in line with your career focus and will add value to your resume. Really, there is no point investing so much time and money in preparing for the exam just to decorate your room with the certificate. If it is not something you really need, you might want to consider an alternative credential.

Tips for writing Microsoft 70-535 certification exam

There is a general belief that there is enough time to finish up the exam but the fact is that you really do not have that much time. Basically, you have 40 questions to deal with and 150 minutes to complete all the questions. Looking at this information, it is easy to assume that there is enough time to complete the 70-535 test but the fact is that the questions are not that easy. There are a lot of case studies to work with during the exam and sometimes, it takes a lot of time to work round the case studies. In working on the case studies, below are some important tips that will help you:

  • Thoroughly read each of the case studies. The strategy for differentiating between the correct answers and the wrong answers is in understanding the Overview, Business Requirements and Technical Requirements of the case study.

  • The questions are usually very complex and finding answers to them often take time. The case studies are closed once you answer the question and you can’t go back. Each of the case studies has 5 to 6 questions. You require a minimum of twenty minutes to study each of them and you have three of them to deal with.

  • Before going in for the exam, take note and study the Azure Services sizes, limits, and plans. As soon as you enter the 70-535 examination, write them down on a board or paper so you do no forget them. This will save you stress of trying to crack your brain to remember the fine details while you have some other important details of the exam to deal with.

  • After giving answers to the questions, ensure you go over them again and be sure that the answers you have given are what you believed to be the correct answers.

  • In case you do not have any clue about the answer to a particular question, use elimination method. Delete all answers you think can never be correct and use logic to choose the correct answer.

  • Maximize the time allotted to you. Do not be in a hurry to leave the exam before your time is up. Even if you feel you are done before the time is up, go over your answers again and be sure there is no error in your answers. This can make all the difference in your passing the examination.

  • You are required to score a minimum of 700 points out of 1000 to pass the Microsoft 70-535 exam. It is therefore important that you give it all you have.


To prepare for the 70-535 exam, there are many available resource materials. It is important that you take out time to check the relevant material and devote time to study and understand the topics of the course. As mentioned earlier, this Microsoft certification exam is complex thus you need to be totally prepared for it. As you study, do not forget to take a practice test to be able to get familiar with the exam pattern.