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Memorial Day is a day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for all. “All gave some. Some gave all.” (Top 50 Memorial Day Quotes.) These jokes are not meant in away to offend or take away from this important American holiday.
Many of these jokes can be used for Flag Day, the 4th of July, and Veteran’s Day.

Holiday Jokes

  1. Where did the General put his armies?… In his sleevies. (get it his sleeves)?
  2. What kind of tea did the American colonists thirst for?… Liberty!
  3. What was General Washington’s favorite tree?…The infan-tree! (Top 40 4th of July Jokes)
  4. Teacher “More than 200 years ago, our forefathers defeated the British in the Revolutionary War.”… Student “ Wow! They must have been pretty strong, four men defeating a whole army!” (Top 40 4th of July Jokes)
  5. Why didn’t the Confederate soldier want to go to the baseball game?… He heard the Yankees were playing. ? (Baseball Jokes for Kids)
  6. A Great American Book Never Written: “The Parts of the National Anthem” by Homer D. Brave. (Flag Day Jokes)
  7. Best War of 1812 Book Never Written:… “The Star- Spangled Banner” by Jose Kanusee. (Flag Day Jokes)
  8. Did you hear about the artist in the Continental Army?… He was a Yankee doodler.
  9. What kind of dive are infantry men best at?… Cannon-ball (101 Sports Jokes)
  10. Teacher: Johnny, what are the last words of “The Star-Spangled Banner”?… Student:“Play ball”? (Flag Day Jokes & Baseball Jokes for Kids)
  11. What did one American flag say to the other flag?…..Nothing. It just waved! (Flag Day Jokes)
  12. What did King George think of the American colonists?…He thought they were revolting! (Top 10 4th of July Jokes)
  13. The tourist: ”Can you tell me why so many famous Civil War battles were fought on National Park Sites?” Be a “Teacher Ranger” at Gettysburg National Military Park
  14. What happened as a result of the Stamp Act?…The Americans licked the British. (Top 40 4th of July Jokes)
  15. What was the craziest battle of the Revolutionary War?…The Battle of Bonkers Hill. (Top 40 4th of July Jokes)
  16. What did the colonists wear to the Boston Tea Party?…Tea-shirts. (Top 40 4th of July Jokes)
  17. What was the Patriots’ favorite food in the Revolutionary War? Chicken Catch-a-Tory! (Top 40 4th of July Jokes)
  18. What’s red, white and blue?… Our flag, of course. And a sad candy cane! (Top 40 4th of July Jokes)
  19. Why did Paul Revere ride his horse from Boston to Lexington?…Because the horse was too heavy to carry! (Top 40 4th of July Jokes)
  20. What did George Washington say to his men before they crossed the Delaware?…”Get in the boat, men!”