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Massachusetts State Trivia

  1. What is the capital of Massachusetts? Boston
  2. What is the state motto? Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem
  3. What is the Massachusetts state tree? American elm
  4. What is the state nickname for Massachusetts? The Bay State
  5. What is the official state flower? Trailing-Arbutus
  6. What is the highest point in Massachusetts? Mount Greylock 3,489 ft (1,063 m)
  7. What is the state bird of Massachusetts? Black-Capped Chickadee
  8. Massachusetts became a state in which year? 1788
  9. What is the Massachusetts state song? All Hail Massachusetts
  10. What is the official Massachusetts state dessert? Boston cream pie.

Interesting Facts about Massachusetts

  1. The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in Plymouth in 1621.
  2. Boston built the first subway system in the United States in 1897.
  3. Norfolk County is the birthplace of four United States presidents: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and George Herbert Walker Bush.
  4. In Holyoke, William G. Morgan, created a new game called “Mintonette” in 1895. After a demonstration given at the YMCA in nearby Springfield, the name “Mintonette” was replaced with the now familiar name “Volleyball.”
  5. Hingham’s Derby Academy founded in 1784 is the oldest co-educational school in the United States. Hingham’s First Parish Old Ship Church is the oldest church structure in the United States in continuous use as a place of worship.
  6. The Fig Newton was named after Newton, Massachusetts.
  7. The Basketball Hall Of Fame is located in Springfield.
  8. James Michael Curley was the first mayor of Boston to have an automobile. The plate number was “576” – the number of letters in “James Michael Curley.” The mayor of Boston’s official car still uses the same number on its plate.
  9. The American industrial revolution began in Lowell. Lowell was America’s first planned industrial city.
  10. 1634: Boston Common became the first public park in America.
  11. 1891: The first basketball game was played in Springfield.
  12. Massachusetts holds the two largest cites in New England, Boston, the largest, and Worcester.
  13. The creation of the Cape Cod National Seashore, which was formerly private town and state owned land, marked the first time the federal government purchased land for a park.
  14. Quincy boasts the first Dunkin Donuts on Hancock Street and the first Howard Johnson’s on Newport Ave.
  15. The first U.S.Postal zip code in Massachusetts is 01001 at Agawam.
  16. The birth control pill was invented at Clark University in Worcester.
  17. The signs along the Massachusetts Turnpike reading “x miles to Boston” refer to the distance from that point to the gold dome of the state house.
  18. Harvard was the first college established in North America. Harvard was founded in 1636. Because of Harvard’s size there is no universal mailing address that will work for every office at the University.
  19. The Mather school was founded in Dorchester in 1639. It is the first public elementary school in America.
  20. John Adams and John Quincy Adams are buried in the crypt at the United First Parish Church in Quincy.
  21. The Children’s Museum in Boston displays a giant milk bottle on the museum’s wharf. If it were real it would hold 50,000 gallons of milk and 8,620 gallons of cream.
  22. The Boston Tea Party reenactment takes place in Boston Harbor every December 16th.
  23. The 3rd Monday in April is a legal holiday in Massachusetts called Patriot’s Day.
  24. The fourteen counties in Massachusetts are made up of 43 cities and 308 towns.
  25. Elias Howe of Boston invented the first sewing machine in 1845.
  26. The first nuclear-powered surface vessel, USS Long Beach CG (N) 9, was launched at Quincy in 1961.
  27. The USS Constitution ‘Old Ironsides’, the oldest fully commissioned vessel in the US Navy is permanently berthed at Charlestown Navy Yard. Since 1897 the ship has been overhauled several times in Dry Dock 1.
  28. Acushnet is the hometown of the Titleist golf ball company.