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For homework, or in class if you have the resources, have students do a little research on Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. When and where was MLK born?What kind of work did his father, Martin Luther King, Senior, do?Did Martin have any brothers or sisters?  If so, what were their names?
  2. How did Martin do in middle school and high school?
  3. How old was Martin when he started college?
  4. Where did MLK give his first sermon?
  5. Who did Martin Luther King marry?  When was he married? Find an image of his wife.
  6. What was the SCLC? Why was the SCLC important? How was MLK involved in the SCLC?
  7. What was the Montgomery bus boycott?   Find an image of a photo taken during the boycott.
  8. Sunday, March 7, 1965, was known as “Bloody Sunday.” What happened on that day?
  9. How many children did Martin have? Do you know their names?
  10. Martin was very much influenced by Mahatma Ghandi? Who was Ghandi?  How was Martin influenced by him? Find an image of a map of the country in which Ghandi lived.
  11. Martin Luther King Jr. received many awards in his life, including a Nobel Peace Prize.
  12. Why was the Nobel prize given to MLK  and when was it awarded to him?
  13. Where and when was the ‘I Have A Dream” speech made?  Find a picture of the important monument near the sight of his speech.
  14. MLK was assassinated by a lone gunman.  Where and when did MLK die?
  15. Where is Martin Luther King buried?  Find an image of his tomb.

BONUS: List 3 additional facts about MLK.