South Shore Triple Threat Basketball programs are committed to teaching age-appropriate basketball fundamentals for Marshfield and South Shore players of all skill levels.

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The Marshfield Boys & Girls Club is excited to announce the Basketball Buddies basketball clinic for kindergarten and 1st grade boys.

Who is the director of the program?

Mark Molloy is a parent, teacher and former varsity high school  coach. Coach Molloy has been coaching  soccer “buddy” clinics for the past 8 years in Marshfield. He has been offering “basketball buddy” clinics for the past 3 years.

Where and when is the program? The sessions are held at the Marshfield Boys & Girls Club. The sessions are 45 minutes long. The August clinic meets from August 25 – 28th from 8:30 – 9:25. The fall clinic is on Mondays evenings (September 15th – October 20th) from 5:15 – 6:00.

What are the the goals of the program?

The two main goals of Triple Threat Clinics are to have fun and to learn age-appropriate fundamentals to help players improve. The Basketball Buddies clinic introduces basic fundamental basketball skills to South Shore boys and girls in kindergarten and 1st grade. Players will learn to dribble, pass, catch and shoot in a fun, non-competitive environment. The program is great for experienced and developing basketball players.

What is the role of the “buddy”?

The buddy is an important part of the program. This person will provide some guidance and encouragement. No basketball knowledge or experience is necessary. The buddy will participate in partner passing and dribbling. If a youngster is having trouble, the buddy is there to provide moral support! It is a great way to learn to play together!

Are the players too young to learn basketball skills?

Absolutely not! The most important skill at this age level is learning to dribble the basketball. At the 1st session each player receives a “youth” size basketball to bring home and use each week. Most players will also be able to dribble 2 balls at the same time. Players will also learn to pass. catch, and shoot.

What is the basket height?

The Marshfield Boys & Girls Club has a great facility with 6 baskets. 4 baskets can be lowered to 8 feet. This is the height for the Basketball Buddies clinics. Shooting can be a bit of challenge for this age group, and some players will struggle, but over time many of the players can make shots.

What is your philosophy on playing half-court and full-court games?

At this age, games are extremely unproductive. Players need to develop the skills of passing, catching, shooting, and dribbling. The focus of the Basketball Buddies clinic is to develop essential fundamental basketball skills.

What is the $25 Yearly Program Fee?

A once a year fee to cover the cost of a mesh reversible shirt & high quality age-appropriate Spaulding 150 Basketball. The ball & reversible shirt will be used for each session and for all other clinics. The balls and shirts can be used during the fall, winter, and spring Triple Threat programs.