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    June Sporting Events

    Sports Twitter Accounts for June

    June 7th: NCAA Softball College World Series Championships

    June 1st – June 18th: NBA Finals:

    Stanley Cup Finals:

    French Open

    College Baseball World Series
    U.S Open: June 15th – 18th



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    NBA Playoffs: Top Basketball Jokes

    May 7th: Kentucky Derby (Top 10 Kentucky Derby Jokes)

    Memorial Day Weekend: NCAA Lacrosse Championships (Top Lacrosse Jokes)

    January 2016

    January 1st New Year’s Day: Major College Football Bowl games! (Top Football Jokes)
    Janary 9th & 10th: NFL Wild Card Weekend (Top Football Jokes)
    January 11th: National Football Championship #NationalChampionship (Top Football Jokes)
    January 9th & 10th: NFL Wild Card Playoffs (Top Football Jokes)
    January 16th & 17th: NFL Divisional Playoffs (Top Football Jokes)
    Australian Open (@AustralianOpen 938K followers): Professional Tennis! (Top Tennis Jokes)
    Janaury 30 & 31st: NHL All-Star Weekend (@NHL 4.34M followers) (Top Hockey Jokes)

    January 31st: NFL Pro-Bowl (@NFL 15.6M followers #NFLProBowl2016)



    April 2016

    April 2nd & 4th: Final Four: Top Final Four  Basketball Jokes

    April 3rd & 4th: Opening Day of Major League Baseball: Opening Day Baseball Jokes
    April 4th: Final Four Championship: Top Final Four  Basketball Jokes

    April 7th Frozen Four: Top Frozen Four Hockey Jokes
    April 9th Frozen Four Championship: Top Frozen Four Hockey Jokes

    March Madness: Top March Madness Jokes & #1 March Madness Joke