My Town Tutors is a great resource for parents & teachers.

Art lessons by Jarrett J. Krosoczka: You won’t need anything fancy. Some paper, a pencil. Maybe a marker. As we go along—and I plan to keep this going as long as we need—I may work in color lessons. (Color pencils, watercolor.) And definitely incorporating writing lessons. And will read aloud some too. I’ll also offer art games that grown-ups and kids could play together. And remember—you can rewatch later so you can replay and pause as much as you’d like!

U.S. History Lessons

ICivics: This is a FANTASTIC resource for on-line learning. It it has so many great primary source activities, document based interactives, and ideas for teaching. Click here for reviews of activities. Latest Blog: 5 Tips to Prepare for a Remote Classroom Due to Coronavirus

JFK Jr. Library: Remote Learning Resources: Resources for elementary school, middle schools, and secondary schools

National Parks Service:

Mission US: Click here for reviews of activities.