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Writing Advice for College Students

Author Bio: Tim Burke is a legal consultant who has advised many people regarding their wills and testaments at Burke is not just a legal consultant as he also motivates and helps people find direction and belief in order to help them lead more meaningful and happy lives. He is available for information regarding all concerns about wills, legacies and how to lead a life good enough for the next generation.
Each and every one of us will leave behind a legacy, a commemoration and remembrance of our lives and how we lived it. Legacy occurs through different kinds and rather than determining what to leave behind, legacies determine the style of life that one lives. There
are various ways of leaving behind a legacy and below are a few of them.
The St. Francis of Assisi said that it is of no use to walk anywhere and preach unless the preaching is the walking. A legacy of excellence can be achieved by working hard each day to achieve one’s goals. Excellence motivates inspiration amongst other people and it is important that one serves as a role model for children when they are alive so that they can remain role models and figures of legend after their death.
A person who is focused in his strive towards excellence sets the bar. Their effort and mindset effects all those around them. The life we lead is the strongest legacy we can leave behind and it is important for us to live the lives that we would be satisfied with leaving behind for our loved ones to draw lessons from.
Everyone has a choice between being the one who lifts people’s spirits or drags them down. If one think of us a couple of decades down the line, then what would be the way we would want to be remembered. As people who made positive differences and changes or as people who dampened moods and spirits and acted as negative influences. We should not only look to achieve excellence themselves but also help others achieve excellence by encouraging them and providing support.
Doing so during one’s lifetime makes them a revelation for people to recall after death and many can find encouragement through anecdotes and instances.
There is a certain class of people who live for a purpose which is larger than their lives and which has value at a greater pedestal than of an individual life. Such a person leaves behind a legacy of purpose, of a life spent trying to better a cause and its reaches. It provides inspiration to people to make them take up the cause or help people take strength from such a person and take up their own cause.
There are those who through their grace and kindness move the world in a profound manner. No individual is perfect and often there are mistakes that one makes. These mistakes though are insignificant in front of the care that one provides for his fellow human being. Think of mothers and fathers and sisters and uncles who love their families and their friends and their presence always makes people aware and warmed by their love. A legacy of love makes people believe in themselves and brings comfort in times of grief. To leave behind a legacy of love, one needs to be loving in their lifetimes as well.
Family History
Another way of leaving behind a legacy is by researching and finding out one’s genealogy in order to pass down to the latter generations the history and traditions of the family. There are government archives which have been made online and also certain websites which help track ancestry.
Adding one’s own personal chapter to their family’s genealogy can be done through adding their own experiences and stories, for sometimes, a simple life lived with honesty is the
best legacy to leave behind.
Each of us wants to be remembered and feel as though we have contributed something substantial to the world in rem. Many people can be influenced by such a desire to achieve great things and make influential and substantial contributions.
We may teach our children certain things which they will then teach their own children and when they do so, they will remember our lessons. That is our legacy, that simple act of
teaching someone an activity, of passing down a tradition or setting an example. Legacies
are more than material possessions.