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The Last Lecture is a great book to use in a Psychology or Sociology class. The book lends itself to many creative activities.
Many teachers have emailed me for a copy of the silent sustained reading chart for the Last Lecture. Personally, I am more comfortable reading silently as opposed to reading in a group. I asked my students to write about silent sustained reading, here are the student responses.
The worksheet is very simple. It is a 2-sided sheet with a space for a written reaction / reflection.
Name: period
The Last Lecture Silent Sustained Reading
The Last Lecture is an “inside reading” book. Through the course of the semester, we will read the book quietly in class. It is a personal journey that will raise some questions and hopefully provide some answers and insight that will help you understand yourself better. The only requirement is that you do your best. It is not a race! Write a reaction to the book. DO NOT SUMMARIZE. Comment on the text connects to you.
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