Dog Jokes

Does your pet get bored indoors? Unfortunately, you can’t be available to watch and entertain your dog round the clock. 

When your dog is not busy, he will look for entertainment on their own. And, that is how you end up with a chewed curtain and a scratched floor.  

Unfortunately, finding ways to keep him occupied indoors is not easy. For that reason, we have compiled the following list of ways to keep your dog entertained inside the house.

  1. Toys

Toys are the best way to keep a dog busy when you are away. The trick is leaving enough toys so that your dog will not get bored. Your dog will only enjoy a chew toy for so long. 

That said, stuffed toys will keep him busy for a long while. They have a hollow inside where you can stuff a favorite treat for your dog.  

If you cannot decide what toys to buy your dog, try subscribing to a monthly dog gift box such as Barkbox. Such services provide an assortment of treats and toys from different manufacturers. Follow this link to learn more about what comes in a Barkbox.

2. Leave the TV on

Dogs, too, can enjoy some screen time. Before you leave the house, switch to Animal Planet. Seeing and hearing the natural sounds of other dogs and animals will keep your pooch occupied for some hours. 

3. Provide an outside view

Leave the blinds or curtains to a window with a good view of the outside open. Dogs are curious. So, they do enjoy seeing what is going on outside. In fact, you can make outside viewing comfortable by placing a cushion or pillow by the window. 

4. Dog school

Dog school will keep your furry friend busy and further his training. You can find a reputable school in your neighborhood through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers website.

Aside from the reputation of the school, you should consider whether the school is boarding or a training school. A boarding school will come in handing should work extend, and you have to pick up your dog late. Also, should you go on a business trip, your dog will have a familiar place to spend the nights. 

5. Playdate

Does your dog have friends? Schedule regular play dates with other dogs to break away from the daily loneliness. Dogs can spend hours sniffing each other, and chasing one another around the house without getting tired or bored.

Alternatively, you can adopt a sister or brother for your dog. Still, you will have to leave toys behind and other ways to keep them occupied. But, at least you can be sure they will not get bored. 

6. Hiring a dog walker

A dog walker is the next best thing after dog schools (dog daycare facilities). You can hire a dog walker from a dog daycare facility near you. Alternatively, ask someone you trust, like a friend, neighbor, or family member, to walk your dog at specific times of the day.

A walk will allow your dog to relieve himself, reduce boredom, and provide an opportunity for your dog to exercise.

7. Buy a pet camera

A pet camera, like Petcube, allows you to monitor your dog remotely. The camera has a two-way audio stream allowing you to interact with your dog. Also, it has a laser pointer that you can use to play with your dog.  

8. Create a busy bucket

Instead of using ready-made toys and puzzles, you can make your own busy bucket. Start by putting treats at the bottom of a plastic pail. Then place some toys, followed by a layer of towels. 

The idea is problem-solving for a reward. Your dog will only access the treats if they are able to go through the layer of towels.