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This lesson was taken directly from the homework assignments of a Massachusetts kindergarten teacher.

Letter of the Week – P

During the week, please learn to identify this letter, its sound, and formation. At home please make a list of words that begin with this letter.
Also identify the high frequency words “like” and “is.”
Please enjoy these activities with your child at home during the week.

P Activities

  1. Eat a piece of fruit.
  2. Put your pants and socks on all by yourself.
  3. Paint or draw a pretty picture for your parents.
  4. Count all the purple and pink things in your house.
  5. Say “please” and “thank you.” Use your best manners and try to be polite.
  6. Count the pennies in Mommy’s purse (Ask for permission first.)
  7. Do a puzzle with your parents.
  8. With help, pour yourself a glass of juice or milk.
  9. Print your name on this paper.
  10. Please return this paper by Friday.