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This lesson was taken directly from the homework assignments of a Massachusetts kindergarten teacher.

Letter of the Week – O o

During the week, please learn to identify this letter, it’s sound, and formation. At home please make a list of words that begin with this letter.
Also identify the high frequency words “my” and “we.”

O o Activities

  1. Open and close your mouth.
  2. Draw one picture for Mom or Dad.
  3. Put your socks on your feet.
  4. Use an orange crayon and draw ten O‘s.
  5. What does an orange taste like?
  6. Climb over two pillows.
  7. Go outside and play.
  8. Hop on one foot.
  9. How old are you?
  10. What are the opposite words for: On, hot, up, day, slow, left, happy,  low

Activity: Play this game. Say, “I am going to say a word, listen carefully to it. Put your hands on your head if the word you hear starts with the O o sound. Keep your hands at your side if the word you hear does not start with the O o sound.”

Word List: open, orange, jelly, on, little, big, love, good, off, often, tree, lamp.