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A friend asked for ideas for a 1-hour kindergarten basketball practice plan. Here are a few thoughts.

Week #1

Free Time (5 minutes): As the players come in, just let them do their thing. Free gym, they will shoot, dribble, run around, etc. Once everyone is there I would call them together. Introduce yourself and other coaches, then get going.

Dribble Laps and Ball Drills (10 – 20 minutes): This can take 10 – 20 minutes depending on how many stationary drills you do. I really liked this session when I was coaching this age. 

  • Right Hand Dribble Laps: Have players go in same direction dribble the ball with right hand. Walk, jog, sprint. Blow the whistle and have everyone freeze.
  • Stationary ball drills: As the players are spread around the outside of the court introduce a few drills for a few minutes: TOSS AND CATCH Toss the ball in the air and catch, Toss and CLAP your hands and catch BODY CIRCLES (switch directions if you want) body circles pass the ball around head (30 seconds), waist head, knees ROLLS feet together, roll the ball around legs, figure 8 rolls spread the legs and roll the ball inbetween the legs. (May try figure 8 walk next week)
  • Left Hand Dribble Laps: go in the other direction. Walk, jog sprint. Blow whistle.
  • Stationary dribble drills: DRIBBLES right hand have players dribble waist, low, shoulder. Mix up the heights 15 – 30 seconds. Repeat with left hand then try alternating hands. 1-2-3 switch: Crossover: Have the players dribble 3 right dribbles (have them count to themselves) crossover and do 3 left dribbles repeat for set time. Dribble March: Same 1-2-3 format, but on the crossover dribble have the players lift a leg and dribble it between legs. It might sound to advanced, but I bet more than you think can do this. 
  • Alternating Dribble Laps: This time players alternate dribbles right, left, right, left

Water Break (5 minutes)

Dribble Lines (Full Court) (10 minutes): Set up your groups on the baseline with cones and dribble. Right hand, left hand, alternating. Introduce the Figure 8 Roll: Voice command BIG STEP, roll the ball between your legs, BIG step, roll the ball between your legs. If players are slower, just have them pick up the ball and dribble to the end. 

Stationary Passing (5 – 10 minutes): Start with bounce and maybe stay with that. I think at this age easier to catch. The chest may result in tears with kids getting hit in the face because they cannot catch. 

TEACH SHOOTING (5 minutes) : Sit the players down explain to the to AIM FOR THE TOP CORNER OF THE SQAURE. Have them practice at each basketball with a coach. 

AROUND THE WORLD (10 – 15 minutes): 6 different shots from 6 different spots. ALL BASKETS shoot the same shot. ALL REAL CLOSE the goal is to have players have success. (1:30 per spot) 


  • Have a NEW player shoot 1st at each hoop. 


  1. Right Block: Backboard aim for the top corner of the square. Coach rebounds and counts for makes.
  2. LEFT WING: No backboard. Aim for the center of the basket.
  3. STRAIGHT: No backboard
  4. RIGHT WING: No backboard.
  5. Left Block: Backboard aim for the top corner of the square. Coach rebounds and counts for makes.
  6. Cone Layups: ALL right side (sorry for the lefties) Set up a cone at a GREAT angle for the layup at the free throw line extended. Dribble in an make a layup. 

FULL COURT LAYUPS (5 – 10 minutes): Set up players at each baseline (2 side courts or one main court) Have the players dribble the length of the court and take a layup. Players on the other side do the same. (1:30)

BREAK: Bring the players together (or socially distanced) and yell something Hard Work, Your town, Basketball.