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Coaching Youth Basketball Resources
10 Reasons to Teach Dribbling 1st
More Kindergarten Coaching Tips

Kindergarten Fundamental Checklist

Coaching 5 and 6 year-olds is a challenging task. Many coaches might feel this is too young of an age to teach basketball, but if you keep the instruction fun and focus on age-appropriate skills, it can be an enjoyable experience for coaches and players.

Below are some focus areas. Click here for a complete list of tips for coaching kindergarten basketball.

Effort and Enjoyment

  • Can have FUN!
  • Can develop age-appropriate skills
  • Can be a good teammate
  • Can be LOUD and enthusiastic

Kindergarten Dribbling

  • Stationary Dribble (strong hand) with head down
  • Jogging Dribble (strong hand) with head down
  • Lay-up Dribble  (strong hand) with head down

Kindergarten Lay-ups

  • Know the aiming point: Top Corner of the Square
  • Lay-up SHOT / Block Lay-up with no footwork

Kindergarten Shooting

  • Knows the shooting fundamentals  BEEF – balance, elbow, eyes, follow through
  • Hold the ball correctly: line up the seams with shooting hand, non-shooting hand cover the side seams
  • Imaginary shooting: Good “imaginary” shooting without the ball
  • Right block shot, Left block shot (rarely makes shots)
  • left baseline, center, right baseline (rarely makes shots)

Kindergarten Passing

  • Stationary chest pass: Able to make a decent chest pass
  • Stationary bounce pass: Able to make a poor bounce pass, unable to select the proper point to have the ball bounce (3/4ths the distance). Bounce passes are very inconsistent.

Kindergarten Catching

  • Able to have hands up in receiving position.
  • Stationary chest pass: Has difficulty catching a chest pass consistently
  • Stationary bounce pass: Able to catch a bounce pass MORE consistently than a chest pass.
  • Rarely able to catch any type of pass in a game situation

Kindergarten Defense

  • Able to get into a defensive stance