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January 2017

January 1st: New Years Day

January 4th: #NationalSpaghettiDay

January 10th: #ObamaFarewell

January 11th: #MilkDay

January 16th, 2017: Martin Luther King Day#MLK #MLKDay#MLKDay2016

January 18th: Winnie the Pooh Day to celebrate the Birthday of author A.A. Milne: #WinnieThePoohDay

January 18th – 22nd: No Name Calling Week (@GLSEN_Education)#NoNameCallingWeek

January 20th: #inauguration#InaugurationDay, #YourHired, #ThankYouObamas

January 21st: National Hug Day #NationalHugDay
January 24th: #NationalComplimentDay

January 27th: Multicultural Book Day follow @PragmaticMom#MulticulturalChildrensBookDay
January 31, 2014: National History Day