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IZEA is the Creator Marketplace! It is a company that allows “creators” to be paid to tweet out information to followers. We have worked with Sponsored Tweets in the past and enjoyed some success.
@TopUSTutors is a twitter account created to support My Town Tutors in spreading the message the “U.S. Teachers are Great Tutors!

@TopUSTutors was created in June 2016. We are working on attracting 25 quality followers using our 365 social media tips for success!
We registered with IZEA on June 14th (Flag Day Jokes).
June 14, 2016: @TopUSTutors (2,700 following / 700 followers)
Curent: @TopUSTutors (2,700 following / 760 followers)
We would love to help other register. Here is the link:
However in 2 days, we have received no quality offers to bid on so we have not made anyone. We are growing out twitter account with quality followers, we will be curious to see if we can get any offers and actually earn some extra money.
June 2016 stats
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