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Online learning has been increasingly gaining popularity these days among adolescents who don’t prefer traditional learning institutions. Many online institutions have even recognized the need for offering consistent courses for students who may constantly have to move around due to a parents job. However, despite its popularity, there are still many people who are unsure whether or not online learning is better than traditional learning in the classroom. This article aims to explore the benefits of online learning and whether or not it should be preferred over traditional learning.

Let’s first understand both the study mediums – online and traditional learning.

Online Learning

Online learning, also referred to as e-learning, is a type of distance learning. Students are able to learn solely online from any location of their choosing, whether that be from the comfort of their own home, a library, a coffee shop or anywhere of that nature. Courses are completely customizable when taught online and allows students to learn and complete work at their own pace.

Traditional Learning

Traditional learning happens in a classroom with  face-to-face interaction that takes place between teacher and students at a particular school or college setting. In-person learning is usually more structured and requires students to go at the same pace as one another in order to keep up with their teacher’s specified lesson plans and timelines.

Now that we have a better understanding on how both learning mediums take place, now we examine how online learning is more efficient way for student learning.

Learn At Your Pace

When you have the ability to study online, it allows your study schedule to be more flexible as well as lets you learn at your own pace without the pressure of having to keep up with peers around you like in a traditional classroom. You can study at home, in a personal office, or a public setting of your choosing that allows you to have personal comfort while you study. All you need to do to be able to complete school work online is to make sure you have proper internet connection and a laptop or desktop that allows you to work on your course material.

Having the ability to learn at your own pace differs from traditional learning because when you are in a traditional classroom, you have specific course schedule with class at specific times. In addition, teachers have a set pace and syllabus for their lesson plans that require students to keep up with each other at a consistent learning pace. Outside of the classroom , teachers are only available to students during specific periods or study planning times. Further, if you miss a specific topic or lesson for whatever reason, the only way to get filled back in is to go to another classmate to help fill in your notes. These factors make traditional learning more difficult for some students who may find it hard to work under pressure and like to learn at a slower pace than their peers.

Fast Completion

While attending a traditional classroom program, you have to attend full semesters to complete the course. But online schools offer short term courses that help you to complete the same course early. Moreover, in traditional learning, a new session begins yearly and you have to wait for a longer duration to get admission into the course. On the other hand, online courses start almost every month. It provides you an opportunity to begin your preferred course without waiting for a year or half of the year.

Saves Travel Cost

Online learning doesn’t require any travel. It saves money and time by providing you the comfort to study from your own space. Is it possible in traditional learning? No! You have to bear the transportation cost and have to bear the traveling cost. Students living far away also need to look for some accommodation to live in. It also consumes your lot of time that goes in traveling. So why not go with the online learning where the distance between you and the course is just login into the system through the internet.

Broader Access

There is a possibility that your local college is not providing the course you are interested in or far away college is reputed than the local one. But with online learning, you have the accessibility to a broader number of colleges. You have the facility to get yourself admitted in your specific course in a college that is miles away from your residence. This won’t let you experience any inconvenience and also offers a benefit to get your specified course from the college you are interested in.  

By the end of this article, you must have understood how beneficial is online learning. Enroll yourself now in your favorite online course and experience the comfort of studying from your place.