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Although the iOS 15 is still a long way off, we have been getting a lot of rumors about it, all of which we talk about below. While we pretty much have a good idea when you’ll see it and which devices will support it, we want to drill down a bit and bring you some updates on the much-awaited iOS 15.

Besides that, we have also included some talking points on some key improvements users would want to see with the iOS 15. While the latest iOS 14 was completely overhauled, mostly for the better, the latest available update isn’t without a few glitches.

Keep in mind that we will also be updating this post whenever we get an update on Apple’s next big IOS upgrade, so check back often to get more details.


  • What is iOS 15? Its Apple’s next big update
  • When would it be released? Should be released in September
  • How much for the upgrade? It will be free. 

iOS 15 release date

While new upgrades for iOS typically arrive in mid-November, these upgrades are most time followed by a new iPhone launch. What this means is that we can see the iOS 15 debuts with the iPhone 13. From the last upgrade, we saw that Apple delayed the launch for the iPhone 12 to October 2020, while allowing the launch for the iOS 14 on September 16. This means that with or without the launch of the iPhone 13, we can see the iOS 15 launched in September 2021.

While the September ETA is when the iOS 15 will be made available to supported phones, we expect Apple to announce the iOS 15 much earlier than that. New versions of iOS are typically unveiled during the company’s WWDC event in June. So, if everything goes well, we expect to see the iOS 15 unveiled at the WWDC 2021 event.

At the same, we expect to see a developer beta, with a public beta most likely available later in the month. So, if you aren’t worried about bugs, you can try out iOS 15 around April just to get yourself familiar with the OS.

And while we are talking about the iOS 15 now, we also expect to see iPadOS 15 follow the same trajectory.

News and leaks

The only authentic leak about the iOS 15 so far is that the iOS update will only support the iPhone 7 and later. This means devices like iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and the original iPhone SE will likely miss out on the upgrade.

While The Verifier, the source of this leak, has a mixed record, we tend to agree with the leak as Apple has a culture of not supporting older generations of some of its smartphones with every new upgrade. In fact, we didn’t expect the iPhone 6S to support the latest iOS 14. 

What we would like to see

Although the iOS 14 upgrade came with a lot of impressive features, there are a number of things that could potentially make the iOS 15 a lot better. However, cracked apps wouldn’t work on iOS 15, except you use Anti Revoke iOS.

Provide support for all devices running the iOS 14

While Apple tends to provide support for their collection of devices for a long time, recently, the company has begun to backtrack a bit. The last iOS 14 upgrade meant that a number of devices were locked out of the update.

But with the iOS 15, we would like it if Apple provided support for every device that got the iOS 14 upgrade.

If that should happen, then the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and original iPhone SE should still enjoy some relevance. While we expect Apple not to support the aforementioned devices, it would be nice if they did.

A better and smarter Siri

There is no doubt that Siri gets better with every iOS upgrade. And while Siri works quite impressively right now, we believe that there is always room for improvement, especially as the assistant still pretty much trails Google Assistant.

That said, we would like to see that Siri understands us better. Not just that, we would also love it if Siri accurately answers our questions. Again, we would like more bespoke answers instead of reliance on web results.

Wish list on the App store

Apple used to have a wish list feature on the App Store that let users make a list of games and apps they are interested in, which was pretty useful for apps and games that cost money.

Unfortunately, Apple removed the feature a long time ago, so we would like it if Apple included that feature with the iOS 15. Unfortunately, users won’t be able to use IPAs, such as that of video editors directly on the iPhone.

Include more languages to translate

With iOS 14, the company included a new translate app, which allowed users to easily translate to other languages. The only caveat with that upgrade is that it only supported 14 languages. So, with iOS 15, we would like it if Apple included more languages to cater to users who would like to translate to languages not already supported by the iOS 14 upgrade.