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Top 10 Jokes for each state

  1. What is the loudest state in America?… Ill – i – NOISE!
  2. What is the favorite drink for people in Illinois (21+) when celebrating?… Champaign (Illinois)
  3. What state recommends that to wear ear plugs?… Ill – i – NOISE!
  4. What did one Illinois flag say to the other?… Nothing, it just waved! (Top Flag Day Jokes)
  5. What is the best U.S. city to have a celebration toast?… Champaign, Illinois.
  6. What state has a difficult time having a conversation?…. Ill – i – NOISE!
  7. What state do librarians hate the most?… Ill – i – NOISE!
  8. What state has the fewest libraries?… Ill – i – NOISE!
  9. What state has the fewest hours of sleep?… Ill – i – NOISE!
  10. In what state can you NEVER hear a pin drop?… Ill – i – NOISE!
  11. Why don’t people want to live in Illinois?… ‘Cause of too much noise!