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The services from a coach can indeed benefit any professional. This is because it is a coach’s job to observe, assist and also help the person being a coach to enhance their performance sometime in a general approach, and other times, in a highly specific way. XLN offers memberships to CEO in order to establish both linkages and elevate their performance. 

When a CEO is working with another CEO coach, such a CEO is doing so with the expectation of gaining a measurable return on investment. The time that is being spent with an experienced and brilliant CEO will yield real, observable and measurable results. In fact, some of those results are evident instantly while others may take some time to unfold. 

The CEO coach is someone who is similar to the executive or leadership coach, but they have added responsibilities of working with the person who is the wheel of the company, that is, someone who can potentially make the most significant difference in terms of the company’s success along with the lives and careers of those who are working for the company..

The Role of XLN with CEO Coaching – How does it Work?

XLN has Forums of Industry-Leading CEOs

The forums are created in order to provide a confidential, and neutral space to get advice and engage in meaningful discussions. Your XLN CEO Forum is going to consist exclusively of a dozen expert CEOs that you can meet in person on a monthly basis. What is good here is that there is no topic that is too complex, or too difficult, or off-limits. Each of the fora will be able to bring together a diverse network of leaders who are from high performing businesses to engage in creative problem solving, resolution of an issue and provide innovation from different perspectives. 

Here are some forum topics that are usually discussed here:

  • Ways on how you can attract, keep your good or great employees and how you can avoid and terminate the non-performers
  • Ways on how you can develop, refine and pivot your company strategies
  • Ways to attain operational efficiencies and best practices
  • How to set and manage stakeholder expectations
  • How to develop marketing or business strategies and tactics wherein you will be able to get best practices and ideas from a wide array of viewpoints or industries. 

XLN Will Give You A Dependable Advisory Network

Being the person at the top, it is good for your organization to have a panel of professionals who are going to double-check and asses your decisions. With XLN, they will be able to give you access to an immense, peer-to-peer network of CEOs and industry leaders who will always be available for you to consult on. Your fellow leader is going to be the catalyst for your significant professional and personal advancement as they will act as your trusted peer advisors and at the same time, your close friends. 

Get the Chance to be Coached by Industry Experts

Your XLN Forum will be moderated and facilitated by a dedicated C-level professional who has been trained to lead productive and meaningful conversations. These extremely well-qualified individuals have at least 20 years of industry experience at large scale companies and are there to provide you with quality advice, feedback, and solutions.

Here are some other forum topics where you can learn from these vast industry experts:

  • How you can attain culture development and maintenance
  • How you can adopt good management and leadership styles, best practices, and dynamics
  • How you can attain gender and ethnic diversity including industry best practices, strategies, and the lessons learned
  • How you can be able to design processes and systems for the scalability and sustainability of your organization
  • How you can develop effective time management strategies
  • How you can develop effective delegation
  • How you can adapt the best practices when it comes to budget and goal development and management
  • How you can establish goals together with the associated strategies, best practices, and tactics. 

How Can XLN Benefit You?

XLN has been intentionally created in order to coach and be of support to CEOs like you. With XLN you will be able to build awareness and competencies among the top executive leadership where it will translate to greater problem-solving skills, make you more adept when it comes to conflict resolution, help you improve communication and attain an increased business insight. 

XLN is a Hybrid Development Organization or HDO, which means that it combines traditional and nontraditional strategies in order to create a holistic training network that is designed to help CEOs hone their skills. 

Here are some points of how XLN can benefit you and ultimately your organization:

  • XLN will help your company grow

Any CEO knows that stagnation is the death and scaling your business is supreme. Thus, with XLN, the vast network of CEOs with being able to provide you with a competitive edge in order for you to take your company even further, and eventually will lead you to become a trailblazer of your industry.

  • XLN will help you build your leadership team

The empowerment of your company, and to your self all boils down to the people that you surround yourself with. Thus, you should know how to recruit, manage and also retain people who have prime talents. With the tips from CEO experts, you will be able to develop instincts in identifying great ones both internally and externally.

  • XLN will help you analyze your strategy better

With the help of XLN’s dedicated forum groups, you will be able to audit your strategy and business. CEOs will have the chance to meet monthly in order to tackle issues, be able to share best practices, assess opportunities, and also discuss operational issues. 

The members of the forum are going to be your dedicated support system wherein the problems that you are facing will be dealt with the same urgency and resources that they would apply as if it were their own issues. 

And because you are the person who sets the tone of the organization, you know for yourself that you want your organization to thrive and excel both on a professional and personal level, and that is why becoming an XLN member is going to be a good choice for you.